Zimbra Email Hosting – When Ordinary Email Accounts Are Not Enough

Businesses need specialized solutions for email. They want to have their email hosted over their own domain. They want more security and privacy for their communication. They want their inboxes free of spam. They also want to ensure that mails can be accessed easily. Some of the top reasons to choose Zimbra email hosting for businesses are outlined below.

Access desktop and webmail

Whether you prefer to limit access to desktop, or use webmail to access emails anywhere, is up to you. You can choose both options. This is one of the most useful features of Zimbra email hosting, because you are not limited to your work station or your home, when you want to check for that urgent, much expected mail.

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No spam

Is spam flooding your inbox, drowning relevant emails in a sea of unwanted mails? You can choose the best spam filters with Zimbra email hosting. Get rid of spam easily, by configuring settings on your spam filter to keep your inbox free of junk mails. Also, save time by not having to go through unwanted emails. Think of the security that you are offered when suspicious mails are not allowed to enter the inbox.


Maintain your schedule by using the calendar feature. In addition to topnotch scheduling features, you can also use the calendar to remind others of important deadlines and appointments. The calendar can be shared, to ensure the teams can work in tandem and maintain a clockwork smooth routine.

ZImbra Email Hosting Factors

Maintain contacts list

Import contacts, edit them, and group them. Maintain your contact list so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to find important people’s email or phone information. There are plenty of ways to manage the contacts list to ensure that you can always be in communication with those who matter.

Mailbox capacity

You can choose Zimbra email hosting plans that offer capacious inboxes. Don’t delete an email when you feel that it can be useful later. Instead ensure that the mailbox has sufficient capacity to hold all emails. You would also want to ensure that all email accounts are offered large enough emails.

Mail backup

You want important documents and emails to be safe. If, something does go wrong with your Zimbra email hosting account, backup prevents all data from being lost. You would want to ask the service provider about the frequency and amount of backup offered. This is a crucial step to ensuring that in a world increasingly connected online, your important communications are not lost.

Anti virus

Your documents and emails can carry viruses. It takes just a click to share infected mails and documents across the team or department, leading to spread of viruses. You would want to curtail costly mistakes like this by investing in the best anti-virus measures. With Zimbra email hosting, you get anti-virus software to keep your mails safe.

Email accounts

With Zimbra email hosting, you get to have a large number of email accounts across your domain. This is very important keeping in mind employee strength. You would want to check the number of email accounts available with your hosting account. Whether you are a small business or a large diversified organization, you want to ensure that you can assign office email IDs to your employees.

Store documents

Today email hosting is merging the boundaries between hard drives and email accounts. You can now store documents on your account, to be accessed from anywhere. You can also search though documents attached to your emails, and classify them according to your requirements. In that sense, Zimbra email hosting offers document management service that helps you access important documents anywhere.

Access mails on mobile devices

If you or your employees are using mobile devices to access emails, you can receive mails on your mobile devices. There are plenty of options available to you. You can download software for easy syncing across computers and mobile phones, not to mention tablets.

Compatible with all operating systems

When choosing hosting plans, you would need to keep in mind the compatibility with operating systems. Thankfully, one of the most important reasons to use zimbra would be its compatibility with a range of OS, whether you are using Linux or Windows, or have Mac systems. There are plenty of other things to keep in mind, when choosing the best in hosted email solutions.

Flexible pricing

While the basic fees you pay monthly is one factor when choosing email hosting, you will also look at plans that offer flexible pricing. Pricing may depend on numbers of mailboxes, storage, features, and so on.

Additional benefits of using the best service provider for Zimbra email hosting would include technical support, search tools within email, reminders, file sharing, and collaboration. You can also be assured of the best in data center security.

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