Windows Phone 7.8 Is Even now Alive

Microsoft windows Mobile 8 is now out, and MS windows Cellphone 7 customers can only look on in jealousy. Well, that is until they get their own upgrade in the form of MS windows Cellphone 7.8 that contributes a variety of functions from MS windows Cellphone 8 to the foundation. Microsoft has not said much about the upgrade since it was declared, but at least we now know it’s still in existence.

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In a post on the MS windows Cellphone blog, the team has finally damaged its quiet on the MS windows Cellphone 7.8 upgrade. The great thing is that the upgrade is still coming, and that Microsoft has not discontinued the customers of its previous cellular OS. The bad news is that the upgrade has been pressed returning from later this season to beginning next season.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8

Back when the upgrade was first declared, the only thing we really realized about MS windows Cellphone 7.8 is that it would resizable live flooring. That is a excellent enough upgrade as it is, but it will bring other functions from MS windows Cellphone 8 as well. For instance, MS windows Cellphone 7.8 enhances the variety of theme and feature colors to help create the phone more personal. It also functions some new secure screen options such as the Bing picture of the day.

Microsoft is not failing to remember about Mobile gamers either. The organization says that Words with Friends and Sketch Something are now available on MS windows Cellphone 7.5 and will be on 7.8 when it releases. Rovio is also operating on bringing Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars to the foundation.

Windows Cellphone 7.8 gadgets will also launch in more countries around the world as we near its launch. It will be sold as an access Ms windows Cellphone compared to the current range of MS windows Cellphone 8 gadgets. The move to 7.8 should ensure that those who buy cheaper cellular phones will not be short changed out of the many improvements found on Ms windows Cellphone 8.

After all this, the big question now is when MS windows Cellphone 7.8 will be available. There is no tangible date just yet, but MS says that it’s currently wanting to start examining the update with its components and service provider associates to make sure its ready by a launch sometime in beginning 2013.

In other information, Microsoft has shortened the Abominable Snow Monster from Rankin-Bass’ vacation traditional, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, to sell MS windows Phones for the organization. It’s one of the most wonderful vacation ads you’ll see this season.

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