Why .Net Framework For Business Solution [Infographics]

.NET is a brilliant strategy that enables Microsoft to define the next shift in the software business.” .NET framework has major impact on the Web applications development and Desktop based solutions.

In Last 12 month 46% Visual Basic .Net used for Business Development Projects

Business development on Framework

1) 12% of Business developed on Asp.net Framework

2) 10% of Business developed on Sitecore Framework

3) 30% of Business developed on Umbraco Framework

Business solution Migration

1) 30% Business Solutions shift from wordpress to Umbraco Framework

2) 20% Business Solutions shift from Drupal To Umbraco Framework

3) 30% Business Solutions Shift from zoomala to sitecore Framework

Developers Migration

1) 8% professional developers Shift from php to asp.net

2) 8% professional developers Shift from java to asp.net

3) 8% professional developers Shift from others language to asp.net

.NET can help your business applications succeed and produce a great return on investment.

While a digital trouper, Jagruti spent her early years writing for Technology blogs, websites and magazines. A graduate of Gujarat University, Jagruti has present with the Cygnet InfoTech an IT hub that spans nearly 11 decades.


DotNet Infographic


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