How To Use Whatsapp Web With Iphone

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Hope you are doing good!! Today i am going to describe how to use whatsapp web with iphone

Whatsapp is well-known mobile apps in all over the world. Whatsapp launched whatsapp web for android user on 21st Jan 2015. On that time whatsapp web is not supported for Ios user after 8 month finally whatsapp web is now available for ios user also. Whatsapp web is not avaiable earlier due to the nature of Ios platform.

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Whatsapp web is basically desktop version of whatsapp mobile app. Now Ios users can also access whatsapp web from PC. So many ios user try to use Whatsapp web with WhatsApp Web Enabler but now whatsapp officially launched whatsapp web for iphone users so they don’t need to use whatsapp web enabler anymore.

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How to use Whatsapp web on Iphone

You can use whatsapp web through following browser on your MAC or desktop : Chrome, Firefox, safari, Opera

1) Install latest version of whatsapp in your iphone
2) Once your whatsapp version is updated, click on more option where you will see Whatsapp web

Whatsapp web for Iphone user

3) Click on Whatsapp web which should launch a one-time-only QR code scanner.

Whatsapp Web QR code for Iphone

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4) Open here you will see landing page of whatsapp web. Scan QR code with your iphone. Once your QR code scanning process completed then Web client will be login in automatically and now you can access your whatsapp from your desktop

Whatsapp Web Login screen for Iphone

How to logout from whatsapp web with Iphone

Whenever you want to close whatsapp web client in your desktop or Mac, you need to follow these process Open whatsapp app on your Iphone >> settings >> Whatsapp web >> Logout from all computers



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