Who Else Wants To Know The Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps?

Remember the days when you saw the most automated technologies in Sci-Fi movies and acclaimed it was just the hype movies bring to us. The movies that created a story about futurethatcompletly looked like a pipe dream has turned to reality.

Yes, from Neanderthal days to latest promises about robots replacing our human jobs, technology has elevated the traditional human life to a space we never thought off. AR is one such technology that is bound to revolutionize the businesses and a life of an individual. The AR app industry has already created a hype with the release of Apple’s ARKit and now Google’s ARCore.

Augmented Reality apps have carved their way into real life. The new reality is now encompassing the known world around us, for instance, a biology teacher can easily make students understand about human body, the youths can experience better gaming with AR games app. Just think about the mobile apps that help you to see the street avenues in 3D while driving making the route mapping scenario precise.

I know you cannot turn your eyes away from the robust force of 3D reality and mobile app development of Augmented Reality, which is growing each passing day. Let’s explore the best Augmented Reality Apps:


MondlyAR Apps
MondlyAR is the app that helps you to learn new language seamlessly. Gone are the days when you have to access a book, or take help from a tutor. MondlyAR uses speech recognition and adds the missing element in your learning experience: interaction. The app is based on a virtual character named Mondly, which helps you like a tutor or teacher. It will show you different objects, animals, planets in your living room, making your language learning experience futuristic.



At times you would have required a ruler to measure, but couldn’t access it immediately. Obviously, in the age of mobile, carrying a ruler everywhere is tough. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, MeasureKit is the rescue.  When you need a ruler while renovating your furniture or picking out furniture, you don’t have to move to the hardware store MeasureKit is the source for your help. All you need to do is position a dot on the point you would like to start measuring and move your phone till the arrow you want to measure. The easy to use, easy to read app is sure to be of great help.

Euclidean Lands

Augmented reality has brought a new element into game player’s own world.The AR apps are new joy element for tabletop games, as now you project pieces and boards on any surface without any danger. Moreover, they even allow the game designers to make the game life-happening by allowing players to hold tangible objects. One such example of apps is Euclidean lands which acts like a cross between a puzzle and a chess board, or a maze, wrapped up in a Rubik’s cube. The app makes you feel like you are already holding the cube in palm of your hand.



I feel annoying when I couldn’t draw a straight line. Probably you would have felt the same when you couldn’t do it and wanted to. SketchAR app is here to delight you with feeling of perfect drawing. It works like a tracing paper you used in your childhood; now you can use your phone to draw the things you love. SketchAR already has different designs inbuilt from animals, flowers, facial features and more. Isn’t it a great use of technology, ‘drawing with smartphone’ – seems impossible but now possible.


Theodolite is the perfect AR app for the users who love hiking, biking, sightseeing, boating, geologists, architects, or surveyors. It helps you to get real-time information about the altitude, range, position, or inclination just on your phone. Yes, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of making a calculation on inclination. When a golfer uses this app, he can see the current position with in-built app and live markers covering the complete terrain. Even when the person who just loves to take the photos or videos can save the geo-tagged images, videos or screenshots.

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