Technology for Homeless? Yes, We Can Make This a Reality

Technology has penetrated every walk of life and is continuing to make the life of population richer and better. But in spite of this, still, there are too many people who do not have access to the so-called good life enriched with gadgets and networked interfaces. Sadly enough, a considerable number of people around the world is homeless, without a shelter accommodate their day to day life. Can technology play a valuable role for these homeless people? Can technology offer a sustainable solution for sheltering people?

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  • The State Of Reality

Well, there are two sides of this debate over the role of technology in empowering impoverished people and serving them with what they need most. Let us start with the state of condition around the world prevailing today. While ownership of a mobile phone is the easiest access point for the poverty stricken people to access technology, they run of out of credit to make calls or access the internet. Moreover, the so-called smartphones, computers and all sorts of gadgets remain always inaccessible to them.

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People who do not have homes cannot appreciate smart home gadgets and apps. The access to latest technologies and latest innovations is mostly restricted to people of the high-income group while low-income population can only feel the glaring effects of high-tech maneuvers as outsiders. That is where we stand as of now. Instead of bridging the gap of resources and availability technology actually helped widening it.

Homeless Reality

  • A Ray Of Hope

As a forward thinker with social responsibility guiding your technological visions you may be prompted to utilize resources more efficiently so that impoverished and poverty stricken people get a fair share of it. Well, we can be prompted to make a delivery network that fetches the surplus foodstuffs from restaurants, preserve them and supply them to hungry people. With real-time location technology enabling the majority of restaurants and food delivery apps, such a dedicated service can do wonder. Such a move can equally prevent wastage and feed people who need it most.

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Homeless people because of lack of sanitation, poor living standard, and malnutrition often suffer from contagious and sometimes, deadly diseases. You cannot expect a poor man to send you distress alerts through smartphone app only to get hospitalized. But what you can think of is making your vigilance system better in public places, streets, and areas where homeless people have their makeshift shelter. With close monitoring of the distressed people, you can make health services instantly available to them and often, to their surprise. A free treat comes as a godsend, especially when it is unasked for.

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There are too many benevolent social organizations offering committed help to poor, impoverished, sick and homeless people across the globe. These organizations often have little exposure to latest technologies and the scope to deploy high-tech maneuvers in their welfare work. The latest AR and VR enabled learning systems and apps can be utilized to train social organizations, their management, and staff to implement latest apps and interfaces in their day to day work.

Finally, the biggest challenge to the empowerment of people to make their life better is the absence of administrative focus and public infrastructure. To allow technology shortening the gap between poor and solvent people, we need an overhauled approach.

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