SQL Log Analyzer Tool to View SQL Server log file

SQL Log file is an integral part of SQL server database. SQL transaction log file stores every transaction that have been made on SQL server database. It is used for a variety of purposes such as stores all operations including insert, delete and update. In addition, log files plays a very important role when it comes to the database disaster recovery and it brings the database back to consistent form.

Transaction log file consist huge information that can help admin to optimize database operation and can find and solve the issues. In order to analyze the log file, admin relies on third party tool.

SQL Log Analyzer is one of the tool that facilitates quick view of SQL log files with additional features.

About SQL Log Analyzer Tool

SQL Log Analyzer is a third party tool that enables SQL users to Preview, Open and Read complete log file transaction. It also provides recovery of MDF file associated with respective Log file. The tool also enables the users to export SQL log file queries into three different file formats and while exporting the log files to the system, user can select the desired tables.

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Versions Available

The SQL Log Analyzer tool is available in trial version and full licensed version:

Demo Version: The demo version of SQL Log Analyzer is available free of cost on the official website of the company. With the trial version user can go through the different features of the tool. In addition, user can take preview of first five database tables and fifty records per table. However, user can not export log files queries as SQL files or in CSV file format.

Complete Versions: The complete licensed version of SQL Log Analyzer is available at cost $299 on the official website of the company. User can take preview of unlimited tables of SQL database with the tool.

Key Features of SQL Log Analyzer

Transaction Log file Analysis

SQL server stores all transaction record in .ldf file, user can gather all information from log file to troubleshoot the problems. The tool enables it’s user to open, preview and read the complete log file and the transactions performed on SQL database. User can take a view of all important information such as Transaction Name, Transaction Time, Table name, queries performed on database, etc.

SQL Log Analyzer

MDF File Auto Detection

After loading .ldf file in the SQL Log Analyzer tool, it will auto detect the respective MDF file itself. However, for auto detection MDF file must be present at same location as log file. If the MDF file is saved in different location, in that case user needs to import MDF file manually.

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MDF File Auto Detection

Recover SQL Database

The SQL log analyzer tool also recover corrupt database along with transaction log file analysis.

The tool can recover corrupt MDF file associated with log file. In order to avoid full scanning of entire database , user need to provide the last backup of log file associated with MDF file. The tool will scan and export the complete data in SQL compatible file format.

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Three Export Options

SQL log Analyzer Tool enables users to export the SQL Log files queries in three different formats such as CSV file, SQL script and SQL server database. To export as SQL server database, one needs to provide credentials like server name, username & password and database name. By exporting data in SQL script enables user to move recovered data from one SQL server to another.

Three Export Options

Table Selection and sorting

With the tool, user can export selected SQL log file queries. While exporting the ldf queries, one can check or uncheck the tables accordingly.

In order to re-arrange the order of list of transaction, the tool facilitates the option of sorting which can sort the item according to table name, transaction name, transaction time, etc.

Table Selection and sorting

Compatible with latest version of Windows

The tool is supported by 64 bit Windows operating system versions. It is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the latest Windows 10.

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System Specification

  • Platform Supported: Windows 10 and all below versions

  • Processor: 1 GHz but 2.4 GHz recommended

  • RAM: 512 MB but 1 GB recommended

  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space

  • MDF File is must be there to analyze the database

  • The tool works on offline SQL database, it can not work on online database


  • Tool can recover the MDF file associated with a log file.

  • Three export options to save the SQL log file queries.


  • MDF file must exist for a respective Log file for analysis

  • The tool does not works on corrupted Log file


After going through different features of the SQL Log Analyzer Tool, it emerges as an appropriate solution to view SQL Server log file. With the help of the tool, one can recover the MDF file associated with Log file. It also encompasses the all option such as saving the SQL log file queries in three formats. The GUI of the tool is designed in such a manner, it will take very less time to complete whole procedure. I would rate the product 9 out of 10 as the tool does not work if the MDF file is missing from the system.

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Daniel Jones is a data recovery expert. Having 10 plus years of experience in SQL recovery and system infrastructure. Here he shares his opinion on transaction log analysis tool namely SQL Log analyzer.

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