How Social Media Has Transformed Website Designing?

Social media today has grown so widely that people have become addicted to the experience they get on such platforms, and they even want a similar experience on other websites they visit. Thus, webmasters are highly transforming their websites in a way that can satisfy the users’ demands for a better experience. Here are some of the major changes that have been seen in website designs because of social media.

Social Media and Website Design

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Social media sharing buttons

Earlier, companies were trusted on their brand visibility and link building factors. If they were able to build a level of trust on online directories, forums, direct blogging and other platforms, it was considered a success. But, with the entry of social media, things have changed. It is now the social media platform that has become the most important way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and engage customers. This is why webmasters are starting to place social media sharing buttons on their sites, which enable content of the website to be shared on social media platforms. But, just placing them is not enough. In order to have an impact, these buttons must have proper analyzed placement and an effective design.

Social media profiles

Other than placing social sharing buttons on your website, having social media pages has become important too. You need to focus on creating the best quality design and have a profile which can grab the attention of the visitors. You need to have such a design and content that keeps the users hooked, connected and engaged with you. Make sure to focus on design and relevant content equally or else you could lose valuable leads.

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Images and video quality

Earlier, webmasters only considered placing the most relevant and informative text on their web pages because websites were considered a way to impart knowledge and information to the users. If images were to be added to a website, only readily available stock images were used. But, social media has completely changed the scenario. It introduced quality images and videos to grasp the attention of the users and keep them engaged. Today, beautiful images and interesting videos have become an integral part of websites to make it interesting for users to stay on the site. So, it is because of social media that webmasters today have to pay attention to providing unique and high-resolution images and videos on their websites.

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Responsive website design

Smartphones are being highly used for surfing the web today. Millions of people are using their mobiles for browsing online pages or are downloading the apps. Social media platforms like Facebook had started to tailor their apps to have their content displayed appropriately on all screen sizes without disturbing user experience. They started working highly on what is known as responsive website design. Users started loving the experience and came to realize what responsive design was. Seeing the great success achieved, webmasters have been focusing on providing responsive designs for their websites rather than building up different sites for different devices. If you haven’t yet shifted to a responsive web design, you sure are lagging behind.

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Social media plays vital role not only in personal life but it effect on website design. Nowadays every business owner take care about their social media and keep it updated frequently so that they can get more leads. Every business owner take personally care about modern trends and they also follow that trends. All most every website rather it is small or big are changed because of social media.

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