Snapchat Spectacles: The New Camera Equipped Sunglasses

Ever been to a beautiful place and wondered “I wish I could capture this moment with my eyes.” Well, fellas the wait is almost over. Well not that you really are going to snap pictures with your eyes but you can record video snippets or photos with a special kind of sunglasses i.e. Snapchat Spectacles. Company founder Evan Spiegel has officially confirmed the launch of a camera equipped sunglasses called Snapchat Spectacles. Snapchat has rebranded itself as Snap Inc now. The spectacle has a new feature where you can record video snippets which will be automatically saved to your Snapchat memories. It basically imitates things that human beings actually see through their naked eyes. The spectacle includes a camera with a lens of angle 115 degrees. The company has decided to launch its latest hardware this fall(autumn) and that too in a limited quantity. Where Google glass provided many things (emails, notifications, and Google maps), these spectacles do only one thing: it records.

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The big question is that can Snapchat spectacles supervene where Google glass couldn’t create quite an impact on the masses.
Now let’s see how it actually works.

Snapchat is Now Snap Inc

The camera is positioned on the upper-left corner of the sunglasses. When we tap on the top of the glass, the lights around the lens lights up & apparently the recording begins. The video can be recorded up to 10 seconds and in a circular manner. The spectacle is synced with your smartphone which enables you to share your pictures or snap stories with your family, friends or followers. The recorded video will be wirelessly (via Bluetooth or wi-fi) transferred to the memories section of the snapchat app. From there you can further decide to post it on your account’s story. While viewing the recorded footage you will also be able to rotate the video between landscape and vertical view. Snapchat spectacles work for both Android as well as iOS devices. Until you have access to your phone the spectacles will store your snaps. And of course and as obvious you will need the Snapchat app to rerun your snaps on your device. An outward (others will know when you are recording) and inward facing light (when you snap any picture) is displayed on the spectacles. You can record up to 30 seconds at a time and it will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds.

Less expensive:

On the contrary, where Google glass was very much expensive ($1,500), Snap spectacles will be available at the price of $129 only.

Better looking:

Snap spectacles look cooler than any other tech glasses available in the market till date. They will be available in three cool shades: coral, teal and black making them look glitzy and fun. Where Google glass looked high-tech and polished, snap spectacles are just like your regular shades.

Cool Charger Case:

It does not have a regular charger as other tech glasses come with instead it has a very cool charging case. It is being said that batteries will last about a day and you can charge using the charging case (and a cable). There is a battery indicator on the glasses and by tapping on it you can see how much battery life is still left.

Not Creepy:

Google glass raised many questions regarding the privacy and obscurity of people. Unlike Google glass where you could not tell when it started recording, snap spectacles actually lights up when it starts recording making it much less creepy than Google glass.

Snap Inc. wants people to express themselves and improve the way they communicate.All these factors have indeed created hype among the people and it remains to see whether it’s going to be a success or going to meet the same fate as Google glasses did.

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