5 Latest Gaming Trends Other Than VR and AR

What are the top two technologies that transformed gaming more than ever? Do you need any more than a few seconds to come with a reply to this? I guess no. With game playing smart sneakers, gesture-based gaming input, VR devices and addictive AR games like the Pokemon Go becoming increasingly common, anyone would easily point to VR and AR as the two most definitive gaming trends of our era. But what else are there? Well, there are other massive trends as well that are changing the gaming in more ways than ever.

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Here, the M88 Asia one of the awesome website that helps you to satisfy your love for playing casino’s, tells us about the 5 latest gaming trends other than VR and AR.

1. Smart Motion Control

Motion controls are getting smarter with each new game and launch of new consoles. Way back it was introduced by Nintendo Wii in gaming and then it was responded quickly by Microsoft when the company’s Kinect range introduced fully operational body sensor to its gaming console Xbox 360. Well, there are still some glitches and as the technology is maturing in future we can expect it to get smarter and more user-friendly. Ultimately, for a gamer, there is nothing like shooting or driving inside a game by making just a body gesture and that is what gamers now can do with motion control.

Smart Motion Control

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2. Better Security For Online Gambling

Whether you play it or not and whether you an active interest or not the huge popularity of online gambling accounts for considerable revenue for the overall gaming and entertainment industry. But until few years before security glitches were a big concern for them. Bitcoin technology helped to address the security issues related to online gambling in a big way. Bitcoin is actually a digital cryptocurrency known for its volatility but this allows maintaining anonymity and safety of the players and their transactions while gambling.

Security For Online Gambling

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3. Multiplatform And Multiple Screens

Integration of multiple screens is being focused upon by console makers for a smooth and transitioning game experience unhindered by any constraints. This allowed interaction between mobile gaming interfaces and consoles in a value-added way. This trend in the short time will make native gaming apps outmoded since communicating among multiple gaming devices and platforms will be easier than ever before.

4. Passive Game Watching

Games took on the video platforms like YouTube and Twitch tremendously. I think most of you know the reason. Yes, many of us enjoy watching games passively as much as playing games. Video games suddenly in just a few years evolved as a spectator sport. Moreover, gamers these days are more willing to share their game playing activities and achievements over social media and video channels. This made every game app and gaming devices take video streaming seriously.

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5. Cloud Computing

To your surprise cloud computing is actually helping gamers get more from the gaming experience by handling many things from remote servers. Some console makers embraced cloud platforms to solve the compatibility issue for older games. Thanks to Cloud-based service you can allow players play old games that are no longer supported by the present console.

Hopefully, you loved knowing about the 5 tech trends that will change the cover page of gaming completely.

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