iOS 9: Entire Features at One Place [Infographic]

The public beta version of iOS 9 is already out and many people as well as developers have started using this on their Apple devices. The fresh version of iOS 9 offers many outstanding new and refined features that were not there in iOS 8. These features are advancements of Siri app, improved battery, transit direction, CarPlay and many more.

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Let’s take a quick overview of some features of iOS 9:

Everything you need to know about iOS 9

Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

Proactive “Siri” App

Siri has been a great voice assistant in Apple devices from its inception. In iOS 9, Apple has made some changes to its design and refined its “Spotlight Search” feature. This feature lets you find out nearby happenings, time and location based information.iOS 9 is now more proactive and provides better contextual information to save them time and efforts of a user.

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Faster Performance

Apple has made iOS 9 much faster as compared to its previous versions. The Apple mobile OS utilizes GPU and CPU more efficiently to produce better results such s fast scrolling, smooth animations.


Apple has comprised CarPlay option in iOS 9 that will allow users to wireless connect their Apple device with their vehicles. With this feature users will be able to control car features like the air conditioning, music play with their Apple device.

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Transit Direction

Apple has added support for transit directions in some cities like Berlin, London, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Paris, New York City, San Francisco, Shanghai, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington D.C. It will tell more alternative routes on Apple maps as well as public transport routes and timings.


iOS 9 is packed with many features that you will definitely like, you can find more about them in the infographic below. It is designed and created by Nine Hertz – An iOS application development company.


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