How To Use Whatsapp Web On PC Without Bluestack

Since the Whatsapp app came in mobile market, everybody is eagerly waiting for whatsapp app on their desktop or laptop. Last week WhatsApp announced that Whatsapp Web is now Available for Desktop Users

Some People use whatsapp on their PC or laptop with the help of BlueStacks, But now they don’t need it. They can use whatsapp web without Bluestacks.

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Have a look at below  instructions on how to setup WhatsApp Web

  • Update your latest whatsapp version

Update your latest whatsapp version

  • Open in Google Chrome. You can only access Whatsapp Web through chrome not any other browser. You will see a QR code in the desktop screen.

Whatsapp Web QR Code


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  • Open Whatsapp in your mobile, then go to setting , you will see a new feature “WhatsApp web” at No 4 . Just click on it. You will see a QR code scanner.

WhatsApp Web Settings

  • Scan QR code seen in the desktop screen. Once it scanned, you will be redirect to the desktop version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web QR Code Scan

  • Have a look at desktop view of whatsapp web, your smartphone screen will be look like this.

Whatsapp Web on PC

  • If you want to do log out from all computer you can also do it on new app version of whatsapp web

Log out button of Whatsapp web

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