5 Quick Steps on How to use “Google Duo”

Along with the commencement of Google Allo “the smart messenger”, Google also introduced a ”video calling app called “Google Duo”. Where people are already accustomed to Apple’s Facetime and skype, Google launched a very simple and easy to use video calling app. Google Duo is an independent one to one calling app and can be used by both Android as well as iPhone users. However, both the parties have to download the app before calling one another. With that being said, below are the steps to install and use Duo video calling app.

Google Duo

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Set Up Google Duo:

1. Go to play store and search for Google duo
2. Click on install
3. After installing, tap on open or click on Google Duo image icon
4. Click and agree to Google’s terms and conditions
5. Enter your phone number
6. You will receive a verification message. Enter the verification code
7. And Voila. You are all set to use your simple and reliable video calling app

Make a call:

Duo Video Calling Anant Patel

1. Tap on the Video call button
2. Enter the person’s name you want to contact or search the number or name of the person you want to call from your contact list
3. Duo will call the person (the contact you selected) and with the knock knock feature you will be visible to the person who is on the other end of the call
4. Tap on the red button(bottom center on the screen) to end the call

Receive a call:

Duo Knock Knock feature

Google Duo has a new feature called knock knock by which you will be able to see what your caller looks like(if they have the knock knock feature enabled of course).
1. Swipe up to answer the call
2. Swipe down to reject the call

Call controls:

If you tap on the screen during a Duo call, it will open up controls for the call.
1. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will find three buttons along with the video preview icon.
2. To switch camera directions (front or back camera) while on the call, tap on the camera button.
3. During the call, you can also mute the microphone by tapping on the mute button which is above the video preview icon.
4. You can switch between Bluetooth and the microphone, by tapping on the Bluetooth button that is above the camera button.

Other Duo settings:

On the top left corner of your screen you will see a three-dot menu and by clicking on it, you can find different call settings respectively.
1. You can switch the knock knock off if you don’t want people to see you when you call(i.e. before they receive the call).
2. The limit mobile data usage is On by default in your settings, helping you get a good video quality even if you are away from your wi-fi.

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