How to Use a Mobile Spying App to Make Sure Employees Are Not Disclosing Your Secrets?

Many corporate enterprises take their work seriously, which is why they have some very strict policies in place. Upon recruitment, they inform their employees about their policies regarding the prohibition of using the company issued cell phones or the company’s PC for personal use. Despite being informed, many employees tend to take the warning casually. The case of Mr.Barbulescu, a Romanian national, who worked at a private company, has made monitoring employees a more serious matter. This is why; employers install a mobile spying app in the company issued cell phone to keep a closer eye on them.

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Using a Mobile Spying App

Upon giving the employees’ sound warning, about the fact that the company issued cell phone has a mobile spy installed, employers can monitor everything on that cell phone. The aim of informing them is to ensure their compliance with the company’s policies. Therefore,employees must strictly use the cell phone for work reasons.

Mobile Spying App

If the installed app is Xnspy, then employers can use it on both Android and iPhone devices. They have to subscribe individually for each device, and then they can access everything on the target device from the app’s control panel.

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What Activities Can Users Monitor?

XNSPY comes with robust tracking and monitoring features that offer employers the power to see if employers use the company issued device for personal use. These include monitoring the following:

  • Monitor Text and iMessages – Employers can screen all text messages sent and received by the employees at any time to make sure it has no personal messages.
  • Monitor Skype and other IM Chats – Employers who use Skype or other messengers for business reasons, can also use this monitoring app to observe their employees. This particular app allows users to monitor WhatsApp as well as Viber.

Skype Monitoring App

    • Monitor Calls and Contacts – From the control panel, employers can make sure that their employees do not add personal contacts in their phonebook. Moreover, they can check to see contacts with whom the target employee has been making and receiving calls.
    • Monitor Browser History – With mobild spying apps, users can also get access to the browser history to be able to see how frequently their employee indulges in online activities rather than focusing on work. If the employee adds sites to bookmarks, the employer can also check those up.
    • Monitor Apps Installed – Employers also get the benefit of monitoring if their employees use the company issued cell phone for installing and playing online games and other apps. If employers find something they do not want, they can remotely block those apps after warning the employee.
    • Monitor Email Correspondences –Employers can access the target employees’ Gmail app to screen all incoming and outgoing emails. If they find something that can implicate the employee or question his/her loyalties, they can do this with evidence.This mobile spying app has the capacity to make screen shots of live screens, which the employers can access from their control panel.

  • Remotely Lock Cell Phone –If the employer suddenly quits work without returning the company issued cell phone, employers can remotely lock it, making it useless for the ex-employee.
  • Remotely Wipe Data – Employers can remotely wipe off the entire data on the cell phone at any time, if they feel threatened with the information on the employees’ cell phones.

Phone Lock App

  • Monitor Photos and Videos – To make sure employees don’t personalize the office cell phone, employers can regularly check to make sure they don’t have unwanted photos and videos.
  • Monitor GPS Locations and Geo-fencing–Whenever employees are out on an office trip, employers can use this feature to make sure that the employees don’t go off track for personal business.

Xnspy mobile spying app offers many advantages in businesses and high profile companies. It offers owners more control over the sensitive information of their company and helps them prevent bad practices at work. This means employees become more efficient and stay focused at work.

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