How To Protect Your Phone From Viruses

In this age where the mobile phones are equipped with internet, they are more prone to virus attack and thus the risk has increased considerably to a greater extent. One of the reasons for the risk being at par is also because of the numerous mobile phones without IMEI in the market which are more likely to attack files like games, software, security patches as well as ad-on functionalities of the mobile.

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But, by applying your wit and intelligence, the virus attack can be prevented from entering your respective smartphones as follows –

  1. Lock Screen – If at all your phone is stolen or unattended, it is safe as it prevents anyone from receiving your phone or the phone data.
  2. Connect to secure Wi-Fi hotspots – Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots make it simple and easy for the hackers to access your Smartphone as the connections are shared and unsecured. Using a particular password would be quite beneficial.
  3. A big No to jail breaking – This gives more chance to virus attack or in other words it is a gateway for the virus attack.
  4. Keep a watchful eye over your battery – This must be done as there are times when the battery life goes more quickly than the normal life, which again is an alarm of malicious software on your phone.
  5. Delete text spam or unknown texts – A text spam may have in-built malware.

The Positive effects of using mobile for the mobile users –

  1. Undoubtedly, mobile phones have made life very easy, simple, convenient, and less time consuming making lives more effective and fun loving.
  2. It has made communication very easy as we can be in touch with our beloved ones anytime and anywhere in the world with just a click away.
  3. It entertains us 24×7 with its various impressive features and devices. They are in the real sense a complete portable device as it can be carried along inside our pockets.
  4. By accessing internet on mobile phones, students and businessmen can gather knowledge and information in their respective areas and thus it has proved to be a compulsory gadget as it serves to be very informative on any topic they wish to.

To sum up, it can be said that it is a great boon for all those who use it in the right manner and intelligently.

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In order to escape from malicious messages, database should be modernized.

The following steps will help you in protecting your phone from virus attack:-

  1. Short links should be avoided because at times an email may prove to be the cause of virus as it may seem to be from some trusted sources or from the social network itself, thereby asking you to provide some information or requesting a user click on a link.
  2. Updating Antivirus – Even though your net connection is functioning smoothly, there are times when your antivirus starts accepting failure updates, which means a virus has been plugged in.
  3. Approval to Social Accounts – Receiving strange DMs from familiar ones is a sign of your unsecured account. It is therefore advisable to examine your grant of access from reliable sources.
  4. Default Home Page – There is something fishy when the home page of the browser is changed without any rhyme or reason and thus the chances of virus attack become higher as many spyware do this.
  5. Plug-ins should be updated – It is of utmost importance to keep both the CMS and browser plug-ins up-to-date.

Thus, in short, Prevention is better than cure. Be alert, be wise and be careful to avoid virus from entering your mobile phones.

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