Google Allo – How To Install And Use The Smart Messenger App

Google launched its latest messaging app named “Google Allo” recently and has many new exciting features you would want in your messaging app. You can call it a smart messenger as it has a built-in Google assistant which helps you to find information just about anything as well as smart(or automatic) replies(fast replying and less typing) which learns from the way you communicate and suggests responses subsequently. Along with these two features, it also has a great pool of stickers which are designed by independent artists from across the world and awesome emojis and expressions. Also, you can doodle on the pictures you want to send or express yourself by increasing or decreasing the size of the font (just pressing the send button you can maximize or minimize the size of the font). Lastly, but most importantly Allo keeps your messages secure and confidential.

Google Allo Messenger App Features

Allo can be downloaded on Android as well as iPhone. If you have an iPhone, just go to the app store and search Google Allo and same goes for the Android users also. You can see the Google Allo app at the top of the list. Now when it comes to installing and setting it up, here are some answers to your “how to”.

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How To Install and Set Up Allo

How to Install:
1. Go to the Play store on your phone.

Google Play Store
2. Type Google Allo and tap on search.
3. Select Google Allo or you can also tap on the three dots displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

Search Google Allo
4. Click on Install.

install Google Allo App

How to Set Up:
You don’t have to make a new Google account or sign in to your Google account to set up Allo.

1. Allow Allo to access your contacts, messages, location, media or files, etc .
2. Enter your phone number

Add Your Number in Google Allo App
3. Enter verification code. (If you are using same number in same phone it will be written automatically)

Enter Verification Code
4. Snap a picture of yourself or select from the gallery

Snap a picture of yourself
5. Enter your name and click on next

Enter your name

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Start a Chat or a Group Chat in Allo

Start a chat:
Now that you have successfully installed Allo let’s start a chat with your friend. If your friend does not have Allo installed you can send them a link and start the chat or if they have already installed Allo on their phone, you can find their name on the list.

1. Select the Message icon button (it’s a circular button with a message sign in between and is seen at the bottom right corner of the screen)
2. Write your contact’s name in the search bar or scroll down to find the name
3. And now you can start the conversation

Google Allo Chat Screen

How to Start a Group chat:
1. Click on Message icon button
2. Tap on start group chat
3. Add contacts to the group
4. Name your group and choose a group avatar(optional).
5. And now you can start the group conversation

How to Start an Incognito Chat in Allo
Incognito chat keeps your messages private.
1. Tap on the Message icon button
2. Select Start Incognito chat
3. Enter the contact’s name or scroll down to select the number
4. At the top right of the screen, there is a timer icon which helps you to set a timer to terminate your conversation
5. You can select the time duration from five seconds to one week or inactivate the feature

As you can see that setting up Allo is not that hard. Just follow these above mentioned steps and get ready to use the latest smart messenger “Google Allo”.


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