How to Import MBOX to PST files into MS Outlook

MBOX/MBX is one of the commonly used file format for users to save the email messages. It is the simplest file format which is used to store their email messages into hard drive. MBOX format is supported by almost 25+ email clients. Some of the widely used popular email clients which completely supports the MBOX formats are Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Mozilla thunderbird, Netscape, Sea Monkey, etc. But, Mozilla Thunderbird is the primarily email client used for the MBOX file format. MBOX file format is mostly used for the business purpose by professional users.

Reasons for the Corruption of MBOX Files

Corruption of MBOX files leads to the loss of the mailbox email data. Now, the question arises how MBOX files gets corrupted? Mostly it happens that when lots of email data are going to be added continuously added than there may be a chance of corruption of BOX file. But this is not only the single reason to corrupt your file. There are several reasons for the corrupted MBOX files. Once the MBOX file gets corrupted, then it is not possible to get access all the email data back.

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Once the MBOX file gets corrupted, we are not able to access and read email messages. So, it is mandatory to convert their MBOX files into PST format or in some other file format to access them into another email client. Conversion tool helps you to repair or convert the corrupted MBOX file into PST format. Than the resultant MBOX file will be easily accessible to any email client. Notice a point that before doing any action/conversion of MBOX file take a backup of it firstly.

Import MBOX to PST

Some of the Common Reasons that Corrupts the MBOX File:

  • Malicious/virus attack on MBOX file.
  • MBOX based Email client may be corrupted.
  • Hard disk may be corrupted is also a reason for the corruption.
  • Thunderbird Profile corruption is also leads to corrupted MBOX file.

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If the user persists to face the same problem in using the email messages for a long time, then users are also able to convert/repair their MBOX files. It is a better option for users to convert their MBOX files into some another format.

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Recover Email Messages of MBOX file into PST Format

In this article, it helps you to recover your mailbox email data of MBOX files into PST format. MS Outlook is the most secure email client which can easily manage all the email messages. Email messages of MBOX files are stored in the single file. Any type of corruption in MBOX file may affect the ability of accessing the MBOX files. So, user have the most affordable solution to recover/convert the MBOX files into PST format. It helps user to access the email messages of MBOX files into MS outlook by converting the email data of MBOX format into PST format.

This working solution helps you to access/read the email messages of MBOX file format into PST format which can be directly accessed into MS Outlook. Few Simple steps to convert the MBOX files into PST are: –

  • Download the MBOX to PST Converter and install it on your system.
  • Open the application and select the single MBOX file or multiple MBOX files containing folder.
  • Select the Destination folder, where the user wants to save their resultant file in it.
  • Click on convert for the complete migration of MBOX files into PST format.

This application is a 3 step process which can easily Export MBOX to PST Format than it can be easily imported into MS Outlook. Those users who sticks with the problem of corruption can easily get out of this situation easily.

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Highlighted Features of MBOX to PST Converter

  • Batch Mode: It is the one of the finest feature which helps their users to convert the multiple MBOX files into PST format at once in a single click.
  • Preview of Email: This feature offers to preview the email data of MBOX file before converting it into PST format. It is easy to determine the email messages of MBOX file before the converting it into PST.
  • Supports all MBOX Email Client: It is an application which supports to all the MBOX files created by different email clients and easily imported it into MS Outlook.
  • Maintains Data Integrity: It is capable in maintaining the data integrity of emails into PST format without any error.
  • Complete Conversion: It is the complete solution for the users where user can easily manage the email messages of MBOX files into PST format. It can completely convert the email messages along with attachments into PST format.

It is a complete solution for users to manage their email messages of MBOX files into PST format. It is the reliable solution for users to manage the email data into MS Outlook.

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