Best Ways to Get Rid of Viruses On Your Phone

Now a days a computer is not the one to be affected by the viruses but it may involve your phones too. As the use of the smart-phone has become more flexible these days. There are some way by which our smart-phones get prone to the viruses. As we know that that there are many applications available with the smart-phone which can be easily downloaded and installed on it. But sometimes these applications may contain different kind of viruses and malwares. So with the increased number of android application, the chances of getting viruses in your phone has become very common these days. However, there are certain useful procedures by which, users can easily get rid of the viruses on your phone.

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Reasons for Getting Viruses On Your Phone

The reasons for getting viruses on your phone are given below:

  • Use of Third Party Application.
  • Browsing the unknown website.
  • Not installing the new Operating System update.
  • Not using the newly updated mobile application.
  • Giving access or permission to malware applications.

These were just few reasons why smart-phone user is getting viruses on their smart-phone with the daily usage.

How to Get Rid of Viruses

Ways on How to Get Rid of Viruses On Your Phone

1. Anti-virus Application Must Be Installed

The first and the most important way to get rid of the viruses from your phone is installing and running the anti-virus application in the smart-phone. The anti-virus will check if the user’s phone has malware and viruses. There are many such anti-virus application available for both paid and a free version. This is the most basic thing that every smart-phone user must keep in their mind while buying any new phone.

2. Use the Safe Mode to Delete the Data

As we know that after you put your smart-phone in safe mode, it prevents the third-party applications from running if they’ve any malware. To put your phone in safe mode, do the following steps:
In your phone, press the Power button from the Power Off options >> press Power Off option >> now your phone will prompt a box, click to Reboot to Safe Mode.

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3. Administrator Settings

This thing must be done in order to check the application in the phone which are having the administrator status. To do this go to the Settings of your phone >> go to Security option >> click on Device Administrators and un-tick the all the applications.

4. Information About Malicious Application

To check whether the particular application has malware or not. Firstly, open the application info page and if the application is having any malware then uninstall that application from the phone. It is because the virus that is generated from the malware application has given itself the Administrator Status.

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5. Reset Your Phone Again

After following the above mentioned steps, if the problem still persist then you need to reset the phone again. At the time of resetting the phone, don’t forget to change the factory settings of the phone in order to avoid the viruses in the near future.


As the use of the smart-phone has increased, the appearance of viruses on the phone may affect its performance as well. In this article, you’ll learn the possible reasons behind the occurrence of viruses on the phone and the required solutions. So, it’s the users responsibility to keep their phones safe from the viruses and malwares. Hence to safeguard your device I would suggest you to be careful while downloading any application on your phone. To get the best solution follow the above mentioned procedures carefully.

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