How to Fix Runtime Error 1004 In MS Excel

For many businesses, MS Excel is everything, where work is around tables, storing data, filtering information etc. With Excel spreadsheet, it gets too handy to organize and calculate your statistical, financial and engineering data precisely, especially when dealing with bulk of information.

In Excel, computing your organization’s big data becomes almost effortless by entering the desired formula(s) and you no longer have to put manual toils to calculate for each cell individually. Excel also gives the flexibility to merge two sheets with the similar information, combine information in multiple cells, and lot more. The innumerable shortcuts and macros, literally creates a big difference.

Alike any other data file, Excel file is even prone to corruption in unfavorable conditions. Runtime Error 1004, is one such error that may indicate serious troubles in Excel, if not fixed immediately.

runtime error 1004


In MS Excel, if you try to run macro that holds worksheets and then paste the worksheets in the same workbook, from which it originally belongs, then user can face run-time error 1004. Although, it may throw any of the below given messages, while displaying the error:

Run-time error 1004: Copy Method of Worksheet Class failed

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There can be one or multiple reasons responsible for the Run-time error. When you try to paste the filtered information on an Excel workbook then you are likely to deal with this runtime error 1004. Other possible causes for occurring this error are showcased below:

    • The desktop icon for MS Excel becomes corrupted
    • Object or Application defined error
    • When you directly copy filtered data and past it to Excel workbook
    • When a range value is enabled programmatically along with a group of large string.
    • Facing troubles in operation of other programs while using VBA Excel file

The user may encounter any of the following runtime error messages, like:

  • Excel macro “Run-time error ‘1004″
  • Excel VBA Runtime error 1004 “Select method of Range class failed”
  • Run-Time error ‘1004’: Method ‘Ranger’ of Object’ Worksheet’ Failed
  • Runtime error 1004 method open of object workbooks failed

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This run-time error 1004 can actually be an MS Excel issue, so you can first try to troubleshoot the program within your Windows system. Implement the following steps precisely.

Kernel for Excel Repair Tools

  1. Reach Windows Start button and simply right-click on it.
  2. Now go to the menu tab, and select Explorer
  3. Now open the directory in this default path C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Office\XLSTART
  4. Upon opening the directory, now simply delete the File name with GWXL97.XLA
  5. Quit Explorer.
  6. Now Launch MS Excel application.

Now Excel program must start normally and you should be able to work without any issues or errors.

Resolving Run-time error 1004:

  1. Create a new workbook in Excel and delete any other worksheets.
  2. Now try to Format your workbook and place the desired texts and charts into the template.
  3. Name the file, and don’t forget to choose the template format “(xltx)”.
  4. Place the template and embed this code: SheetsAddTyp:=path\filename
  5. Note that the \filename path will hold total information of file name including its full path, for the designated template on which you are working on.

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For those who do not have profound knowledge of this application, then there are chances that you might end up, damaging your system and risking the data. Also, it is suggested to keep your files and documents backed up before experimenting the workaround. In contrary to risky method, you could take assistance of professional recovery tools that are specifically-designed to offer foolproof yet effortless data recovery solutions from complete troubles of Excel files.

Kernel for Excel Repair is best Excel recovery tool to swiftly and efficiently repair all types of issues in .xls or .xlsx files of MS Excel. The program recovers each and every objects of workbook (texts, fields, forms and report) without altering the properties of original file. This means, all the restored formulas, merged cells, row/column information etc. remain undisturbed.

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