How to Edit Photos on Mac Like a Professional

Mac offers some amazing built-in tools to help you edit your pictures effortlessly. In older versions of Mac, you can find iPhoto app to edit your images instantly. With Photos app in recent Mac versions, Apple has improved the features and functionality of the photo management app. Let’s discuss ways to edit photos on Mac like a professional in this article.

How to edit photos on a Mac?

To do this, open the image and click Edit on the top right corner of the program window. Select the Crop button from there on the toolbar at the right. Now drag the brackets at the corners of your picture and use grid lines on the screen to help compose your images.

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How to edit photos in iPhoto?

iPhoto is an impressive digital image manipulation software tool developed by Apple Inc. It was introduced in 2002 with every Mac personal computer and was available until 2015 when it was replaced with Apple’s Photos app. It was originally sold as a part of the iLife suite of digital media management applications. iPhoto can organize, import, edit, print or share digital pictures.

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To start the editing process using iPhoto, choose a picture and select Photos > Edit Photos (Command + E) or click the Edit button at the bottom of the iPhoto window. It will open a new window. Here you can see in the resulting window that your picture is enlarged. It will also display nearby images below and to the right, you can find three tabs i.e. Quick Fixes, Effects and Adjust to help you edit your photos.

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How to edit pictures on a Mac using Photos app?

With OS X version 10.10.3, Apple has begun rolling out a free software update for Macs. It has brought in a new Photos app on a Mac. Photos app had replaced iPhoto and Aperture on Mac. It is one of the best photo editing apps on Mac which comes built-in. It is also built around the iCloud. It is designed to automatically store your pictures in the cloud and share them across all your devices. To edit images on your Mac using Photos app try these steps.

How to edit pictures on a Mac using Photos appSource: engadget

  • To crop and straighten for better composition, open your image and click Edit on the top right corner of the program window and select the Crop button. Drag the brackets at the corners of the image, and use grid lines on your screen to compose your image. You can turn the wheel on the right of the image to tilt or rotate your image.
  • To adjust lighting and exposure to recover detail and to brighten your image, tap the Adjust button on the toolbar. Now either drag the slider on the Light spectrum just next to the image or click the down arrow just next to the word “Light” for more precise and better controls such as brightness, exposure, and contrast. Pull the sliders to adjust and get the better results. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the live preview for improved results.
  • To increase color saturation and fix white balance, you can adjust the Color Settings yourself. By dragging the Cast slider to the right, you can get a warmer (less blue) white balance and bring out orange, yellow and red neon lights more firmly.
  • To smooth away imperfections with the healing brush use healing brush in the Photos app. It is represented by a Bandage on the toolbar. It helps you fix many imperfections in your images like scars, zits, dark lines etc. Once you have selected the Bandage icon, select a brush size by dragging up and down on the vertical slider. If you want blemish to blend in with a particular part of the image, hold down the Option button and click on the point you wish it to look like.
  • To add filters for an artsy feel (like vintage look etc.) you can select a filter from eight different filters available on Photos app. To do this simply select a filter by pressing Filter button from the toolbar and apply one of the effects to your image. These filters include Fade, Chrome, Transfer, Process, Instant and three monochrome (black & white) ones, Tonal, Mono, and Noir.

You can try these simple steps to edit your photos effortlessly to make them look like a piece of art. If you are on an older version of Mac, you can try iPhoto else for recent Macs you can try its amazing Photos app. In fact, the process is simple and effective in both the apps.

Summary:  Mac has offered iPhoto app in its early Mac versions which is replaced by Photos app in latest Mac versions. Let’s discuss how you can edit your pictures on Mac like a professional in this article.

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