How to Download YouTube Video without Software

Of course, there are lots of software are available help you to download YouTube videos with great ease. What if you want to download videos without any third party video downloader tools? I am sure it creates curiosity and eagerness to know how video downloading is possible without software like YTD. This write up will help you to learn several methods to download YouTube videos without software.

There are several methods are available to download YouTube videos easily. Using one of the methods mention below will help you to have high quality video downloading experience for free. To provide reliable information to our readers we have manually checked all methods to know whether they work or not. Let us make a list of methods, hope you will find it useful.

free YouTube Video Downloader

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# Method 1

Download YouTube Videos Using an Intermediary Website

 It is very easy method to download videos from YouTube. To execute this process you need to visit YouTube home page, then search for the video you want to download. Once you have the video URL, just add “SS” in the front of the URL. Take a look at example below:

Step 1 – Choose video you want to download .

Step 2 – Add “SS” in front of the URL. Once you will add it, URL seems like this

Now, hit the enter button and you will be redirected to third party website. Click the download button, Hooray! Your video starts downloading.

# Method 2

Download YouTube Videos Using Force Download Website

If you are in need of downloading youtube videos without installing video downloader software then Force Download website would be the best option to choose.  Just sign in to your youtube account and search for the video to download. Once you get the URL, paste it in the search bar box of Force Download Website. The Website starts searching for the video and will come up with different video formats to choose. Choose your desire video format and website will start converting the video and provide a download link. Just hit the download button to start your video downloading.

However, Pop-up advertisements may trouble you while accessing this website for YouTube video downloading.

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# Method 3

Download YouTube Videos using Clip Converter

Clip Converter, another website which can be used as an alternative of YouTube video downloading software for video downloading. It has the same work pitch as Force Download. Just paste the YouTube URL in the search box and select your desire video format and you will be provided with download link.

Clip Converter has duo functionalities that help you not only to download YouTube videos but also help you to convert videos in your desire video formats for better quality and visuals. However, Clip Convertor overtakes Force Download in terms of pop up advertisements.

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Hope our suggested YouTube video downloading methods will work for you and save your time by avoiding the need for third party software installation in your PC.

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