How To Download Songs From Youtube

Coldplay, Shakira or may be Arijit Singh, hearing them lifts up your mood. Listening to your favourite music makes you want to keep them with you, indefinitely. It is similar to having your cake and gulping it, at once. Trying hard to download your favourite song from YouTube? We all want to download and save the songs of our choice to our device. So what to do and importantly, how to do? Some easy simple steps that sways away your problem! Here are some easy steps that will help you, to download your favourite number with online video downloader.

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Your favourite song is just few clicks away. So let us begin some quick easy steps to download. Here we go…

How To Download Songs From Youtube

  • Step 1: Copy The YouTube Link Of The Video

All you need to do is just go to YouTube, search for the video that you have been wishing to download, for so long. We will be converting the link of the video into mp3 format. But, before that you need to copy the link of your video.

  • Step 2: Enter The Link Into Input Field

Now paste the copied link in the video downloader of your choice. You need to paste the link in the input box provided.

  • Step 3: Hit The ‘CONVERT TO’ Button

Yeah! Now all you need to do is click the convert button. And when the process starts you will see the percentage sign which denotes downloading. Yeah! It shows that your video has begin to convert. Usually it takes around 20 seconds, but at the end it all depends on the server. If your connection is slow then it might take 2-3 minutes. Till then be patient and do not close the window.

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What if ads are blocking your stuff?

There will be a message displayed on your screen. You just need to choose whether you want to see ads or not. You can use Flvto.blz as it supports all devices. You can easily convert your favourite tracks into mp3. No matter whether your computer has Linux, MacOS or Windows or any phone it works for all of them. Having ads reduces the efficiency of your work. You constantly do not want to be disturbed.

  • Step 4: Click Download

This is it! Your music videos are now on your device. The best part about this is that it is absolutely FREE! Enjoy your favourite MP3 file and enjoy. While doing all this you will see two buttons on your screen. The first button is “Download” button and the other one is “Send to Email”. When you click download button the file will be directly saved to your device and if you choose the other option the service will send the link of your file to your provided email-id.

You can also download your best music not only from YouTube, but also from Metcafe or Facebook! Amazing, isn’t it? Hurrah! You have done it. Enjoy your favourite music and share the steps with your freinds too. So, let the music play!!

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