How to Convert PDF to Word File With The Help Of Software

PDF is a file format which safeguards the data contained in it by not allowing user to edit or modify the content. It is the most preferred file format because of its property of portability and retaining the format and specifications of document. However sometimes you may require to copy a paragraph, or a specific content and edit it which is not possible in Adobe PDF file. It is very difficult to make some changes in content or select text in PDF when you try to do so, you will notice odd breaks or no breaks at all and style formatting might be lost. In such situations you have to change PDF to word doc and open it in MS Word or text editor or in another word processor.

Information and statistics in doc file, is highly needed by all type of user whether it is a workmen or a paralegal student for different purposes. So it is important to ensure a proper conversion of PDF file to Word document. To get an accurate result you must use PDF to Doc file Converter Software program and create doc file from Adobe PDF easily. There are various other method discussed in this article, but if you are looking for best conversion result then you must use this software.

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how to convert pdf to word

PDF to Doc file Converter software

The main functions of the PDF to Doc Converter is mentioned below which makes it a splendid tool

Batch convert PDF to Word
It is a perfect software, if you have multiple PDF files to be converted in Doc files. This utility offers you to perform multiple PDF file conversion in just couple of clicks. Software generates quick and error free result.

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No Limitations
There is no restriction bound on the number or size of PDF file to be converted in Word document. You can add any number of PDF documents and get them converted in Doc file altogether in just one click. It is the most reliable program which does not crash down or shows errors in result during conversion of large size data files. So without any doubt you can bulk convert unlimited number of PDF to Word document

Create Separate Doc File
When you are performing batch convert PDF to word then software generates one separate doc file for each of the PDF selected.

Stores at desired folder
You can choose your own location where you want to keep all converted copies of PDF files. It also offers you to create a new folder before starting the convert process.

So, this PDF to Doc file Converter software incorporates multiple functionality to give you effective result. It is a high performance tool developed using robust and powerful algorithms. There are various other web solutions and manual method which can also change PDF to word doc. But there are certain limitations and drawbacks thus it may give you undesirable result.

Manual Method
Manual Method does not involve any third party software to change PDF to word doc. It simply opens .pdf extension files to .doc files in MS Word. You just need to right click on the PDF file and then click on Open With option. Now select Microsoft Word and open it. Your PDF file will be open in MS Word and now you can easily edit the content of it.


  • You cannot perform this method if you don’t have MS Word installed in your system. If there is no Microsoft Word Application and you try to open it in another Open source Word Processor such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice or in Notepad or Word pad, the open file will show you list of symbols which can’t be understood by you.
  • You cannot perform batch convert PDF to Doc using this method. As it open PDF file in MS word one at a time.

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Other Methods
It include online or web solutions. The major risk involve in online solution is when you want to convert PDF file which contain sensitive information. Such data is at risk when you opt for web solutions as it requires uploading of files. Your content information may be altered or stolen if there is any type cyber attack taking place. So Experts and professionals use and trust only PDF to Doc file Converter software. In just few couple of clicks it gives you PDF file in .doc format file. It involves simple and easy steps for conversion. Read below section to know how to change PDF to word doc using remarkable Software

How to Convert PDF to Word
Follow these steps
Step 1. Download and Install PDF to Word Converter
Step 2. Open and Click on “Select Files” or “Select Folder” option to add PDF files for conversion
Step 3. Click on Convert button
Step 4. Choose destination folder to save output .doc file and click OK

Software will instantly create doc file from added Portable Document Format (PDF) Files without any error.

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