How to Buy Power Bank [Infographic]

Portable power banks are the gadgets that are gaining immense popularity nowadays with persistence of the common trouble of low battery life of the smart-phones typically available in market. Portable power banks are the mobile devices which have energy retention ability within them which makes them useful while charging the smartphones or the tablet and literally any of the USB charging device when they get drained of the power. But there are certain aspects which are typically unknown to the common buyers like us when we try to find the best portable power bank for smartphone, but those are very much important to be considered while selecting a portable battery pack.

Capacity: Capacity of the portable power bank means how much energy or power a portable power bank can deliver. This measure is not the same as what is mentioned as the claimed capacity of the power bank. As due to the losses that occur at the time of power conversion, makes the portable power bank have much less deliverable capacity than the claimed capacity. Actually the average measure in this case turns out to be 75% of the total capacity of the power bank.

Current Ratings: Power banks should not only be able to charge the devices like smart phones and tablets fast but also should have the ability to charge up itself fast. This charging capacity depends on the input and the output current ratings, higher the measure, in shorter time the devices get charged.

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Number of input ports: We often need to charge multiple devices at the same time, especially when we are in the hurry, in such a case, battery packs with more than one out-put ports comes on great use.

How to Buy power bank

Portability issue: Portable chargers with greater capacity is obviously the best option to go for but the obvious problem is that with the capacity, price and size of the charger also increases. So, when portability is one of the primary concern, portable chargers with lesser capacity should be taken under consideration.

Budget and Brands: There are lots of power banks which are available over online and most of them has cheap rate and they are marketed by some unbranded company. It is better not to go for them as most of them are OEM or counterfeit manufacturers. Thus keeping a budget not too much low and sticking to trusted brands is the best option when it comes to the portable chargers.

Battery Cells: There are Li-poly cells and Li-ion cells, these two which constitute and thus divide the ranges of portable power banks. Majorly, Li-poly is the portable charger which are built with advanced, packed with better safety aspect and sleek. Whereas the Li-ion power banks tend to be bulkier less advanced but cheaper in comparison to the Li-poly. You can find more about the types of cell within a certain power bank from the corresponding specification details or the related power bank review.

Safety Measures: As Portable chargers are built in with the battery cells, it is very much required to take care whether the proper safety measures are incorporated within the selected portable chargers like short-circuit measures, over temperature protections and other standard ones. It is extremely important for one’s own safety to ensure these standard measures.

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