How To Access Banned Social Media Websites or Apps In Mobile or PC

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Nowadays we are connected with social media so much. Infect I would say that we are addicted to social media such as a facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Instagram and many more. What if some reason you are not able to access whatsapp and facebook in your pc or in your mobile? If your government stops all mobile data service or banned facebook and whatsapp apps and you still want to access it.

As we know that all social media Whatsapp, facebook and other social media apps or website is connected with IP address, if you want to use it you need to change your IP address through VPN or need to install some browser so that you can use it.

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Are you egger to know how to use your social media apps or website with VPN or other browser, lets follow below topics and you will get your solutions. I would like to discuss 2 tips over here, 1 is for mobile and another is for PC or Laptop

1. How to use banned social media apps on your Mobile

Recently I have get question from one of my reader and I started to dig in this topic and I found some important thing from it that if your government banned social media website or apps then how you will access it? What will you do without Social Media?. I would like to recommend you to install Betternet app which is available in Android, Ios and Windows phone. Betternet app is free version mobile VPN app, this app will detects your location automatically and link up you to the closest server so that you can use banned apps from your mobile

How to use betternet apps

  • Go to Play store and write betternet in search box

Betternet Free VPN Mobile App

  • Install betternet app without any registrations
  • Open the app and click on connect

Connect to Betternet App

Note: – Same process you need to follow in all three versions (Android, Windows and Ios)

Betternet Unlimited Free VPN features:

Totally Free VPN service forever. No credit card
No Sign up or Logging in is needed
No log is saved from no user
No ad is presented in the app
Simple and user-friendly to connect
Simply click on app and connect to VPN

2. How to use banned social media website on your PC or Laptop

While I am searching for this topic I came to know about Tor Browser from Mr. Ashish Chauhan, He is SEO consultant. Tor is free software which allows you to anonymously browse the Web. Full form of TOR is The Onion Route and it was initially intended for protecting the U.S. Navy and its communications. It works anonymizing the transport of your data. Most of the cyber criminals use it for privacy purpose. While using TOR browser in my laptop I found that if you use tor in your laptop or desktop then your internet connection will be slower than normal because it has to go out through your mask location.

Tor Browser Screenshot

Hope this information is enough for now. I will do more research on Tor Browser and will write how to use tor, its advantages and drawback of tor.

Let’s share your thought for this apps or browser if you are aware of it. Hope it will be helpful to all


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