How Men and Women Use Social Media

While there may be some similarities between genders on social media usage, the number of differences outweighs them all. There are many aspects to social media that differ in men and women; mostly based on their outlook to it. While men usually use it for business related or dating incentives, women actively use it for sharing different ideas and entertainment. Moreover, statistically there are more women using social media than men as well. Here are some more differences that you will find between women and men using social media.

  1. Instagram

When it comes to sharing and entertainment online, women are seen to be up front. Same is the scenario found with Instagram users. Instagram came about in 2010 and rapidly gained a lot of popularity among the female population. The mobile application allows you to take pictures and share them online in a box shape size which gives an illusion of a Kodak moment. Research shows that while 17% of internet users are active on Instagram, over 20% are just women. This could probably be because browsing brand on Instagram couldn’t get better than any social media site and over 50% of their major followers are females.

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  1. LinkedIn

Connecting with the business world and different industries couldn’t get easier than this. Being a part of LinkedIn is like getting an all access free pass to the hottest party in town. Research has shown this social media site to be hottest and happening among the male sex most. Over 54% of membership is held by the males with over 74% researching potential job opportunities and company profiles. Its unpaid features are itself enough to keep anyone and everyone occupied for a long time and statistically speaking only 1 out of 10 people every pay for exclusive features.

  1. YouTube

As mentioned before, men are more inclined towards watching videos, YouTube has been found to have one of the largest males’ member bases on social media. On average men are said to spend at least an hour per week on watching videos while women would probably spend approximately 35 minutes at most. Statistically speaking, there is a total of approximately 54% of male membership base than female.

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  1. Google+

Although Google+ has been found to have a huge male member base, these men are not regularly seen interacting with each other and using it as a social arena. These men are usually more inclined towards employing Google services like Google Drive and Photos but not use it as a site for interacting with other users.

Men and Women Use Social Media


  1. Facebook

Facebook has been found to be used most commonly by females as well. Women have been found to be more social than men (8% more friends) and also tend to be doing the most sharing as well. Although they usually seem to take a lot of pride in these figures, almost 80% of these women have been found to say that they are very annoyed by the number of excessive friends.

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  1. Twitter

Statistically speaking, there are almost 40 million more women than men using twitter as we speak. This accounts for more people than the California State residents. Women are seen more active on twitter for a number of reasons such as active channeling.

Although women are prominently known to use social media sites more regularly and frequently than men, there is one common thing found among both their usage. It is the fact that both enjoy social media advertisements that are not only funny but also have a famous celebrity featured in them. There may be many other similarities, but one thing is for sure and that is that both actively enjoy social media regardless of everything else and tend to spend a phenomenal amount of time on it during the day. The age of technology allows both men and women alike to connect with others freely and openly through social media outlets.

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