Google Duo: Unique Features of the latest Video calling App

Google launched a one-to-one video calling app “Google Duo” lately and have been in news since then. Duo is a standalone app which ensures a simple and reliable video calling service. It’s a way of making video calling smooth and relatively easy between Android and iOS users.

Where FaceTime only works for iPhone devices – what makes duo different from Face Time is that Android users can also contact the iPhone users and vice versa. Google intentionally didn’t put the audio calling as well as video calling feature in the Allo messenger. So, like Face time you can only place video call and you can’t send text messages through it.

Duo Video Calling Anant Patel

Unlike FaceTime which has lots of happening on its home screen – like list of recently contacted people, Duo only shows the user a video preview of themselves and a big call button. They can zap through their contacts easily if they tap on the video call button. On the Duo screen, you will also find the thumbnail of recently placed calls. So if they want to call them again they can easily find them.

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Though Android users have different options over the years for video calling like Skype, Facebook messenger and WeChat, they didn’t have the one like “Google Duo” which makes video calling as simple as the Apple’s FaceTime. Where Google Hangouts provides a group calling function (you can connect on PCs as well as mobile devices), Duo emphasizes mainly on one-to-one video calling.

While, Apple users may continue to use FaceTime, Duo is definitely going to bring together the Android and iOS users. Similar to Allo, Duo works with your phone number and not a Google account.

There are many video calling apps like Skype, FaceTime, Facebook messenger, WeChat present in the market today and in the middle of that Google launched its own video calling app. So what are its prime features that will genuinely make you use video calling?

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Knock knock:

Knock knock is the coolest and unique feature of Google Duo. No other video calling app has this live preview feature till date. It shows you the video preview of the person who is calling you and they can also see you if it’s enabled on your phone. If you don’t want the person on the opposite side of the line to see you, you can disable this function by going to the settings in the app. You can also go to the settings and block the number of any particular person.

Duo Knock Knock feature

So, whether your friend or a loved one is calling, you are all smiles even before picking up the phone.

Video Quality:

Google Duo adjusts its audio and video quality according to your network connection. It will keep your video call alive (even when you are on the move) i.e. you are switching from wi-fi to cellular data and vice versa.

Simple Interface:

Google Duo has an exceptionally perceptive and convenient interface. On the home screen of the app, you can see a video call button to place the video call and your recent placed call. While on the call, you will see icons for camera swap, audio mute and end button. Also, if you tap on the video preview button, you can switch your view.

Along with the features mentioned above, the most important thing that Duo provides is end-to-end encryption. Your conversations are protected and are secured from the prying eyes of the third parties. No video calling app has provided this function which makes Duo authentic and dependable.

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