Top 6 Google Allo Messenger App Features

Amidst the various messaging apps already in the market and also where WhatsApp rules the messaging world Google launched its latest instant messaging mobile app called “ALLO” on 21st September 2016.

Google made some important announcements at the Google I/O May 2016, about Google Allo and Google Duo and now when they are finally out, they are worth the download. You can download it on Android as well as iOS. Unlike Google hangouts or Messenger where you need a Google account to sign in, for Allo you just have to sign in with your mobile number and you are good to go. Moreover, Google Allo will be linked to your Google account only to customize the data provided by the Google assistant. Once you download the app you just have to give it the permission to access your contacts so that you can start individual or group conversations. So, what makes Allo different from the other messaging apps?

Google Allo Messenger App Features

Can this new app outwit WhatsApp and iMessage?

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Top 6 Google Allo Messenger App Features are as follow

  1. Smart Replies

Allo provides a new function called “smart reply” where it comprehends your conversations and suggests different replies for you to say. The recommended responses appear in text bubbles and you can send them by tapping on it. Moreover, the automatic replies save your time and are almost sufficient most of the time. Well if you prefer to say “haha” or “Yeah” often, the predictive feature will mimic your style for the future conversations.

Respond quickly with Smart Reply

  1. Google Assistant

One of the best features of Allo is Google Assistant. Just type @Google inside a chat and you can search for different things like restaurants near me, nearby events, what’s in the news, flights, games, weather, YouTube videos, etc. Google Virtual assistant can rope in info from the internet saving you from the hassle of switching apps or sending screenshots. You can also opt for different subscriptions offered by the Google assistant (for example Allo will send you news or music videos or quotes or poems daily according to the time you have selected).

Google Assistant

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  1. Doodle and Stickers

Allo allows you to doodle or draw on your photos before sending them. Also, Allo has the perfect collection of stickers, exciting emoticons, texts and doodles.

Doodle and Stickers

  1. SHOUTY Capitals

You can now shout or whisper through Allo i.e. you can change the font size of your text (i.e. minimize or maximize) by just holding your finger on the send button. You can use this feature instead of using all caps.

  1. Image Identification

Allo identifies the image and suggests you with the suitable responses accordingly. For example, it can recognize a cat or panda and provide responses as “adorable” or “awww”.

  1. Incognito chat

Google server encrypts the messages sent through Allo. Incognito chat secures your messages at the device level allowing only the sender and recipient to read the messages. The incognito chat also provides some new traits like you can erase the chat history by setting the expiration time from five seconds to one week. Also, you can reset different expiration times for different chats. Further, Allo will hide the sender’s name that pops up as a notification on your phone.

Incognito chat

Thus, Allo has many new and exciting features from smart replies to Google virtual assistant to incognito chat which surely makes it worth downloading.

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