How Revenues Are Generated From Freemium Model of Gaming App

Freemium games and apps are amongst the most popular and profitable ones on both Appstore and Playstore. There are different genres of games which you can play them online on your PC as well. But the main question arises that if they are free to download, how do developers manage to generate revenues from these freemium models of a gaming app?

Let’s start by defining a freemium gaming app. A freemium gaming app like Gamentio Rummy, clash of clans, are free games that you can download to your tablet or smartphone for free of charge. Although there are some in-app purchases in the game where you can purchase extras, options or add-ons which allows you to improve your rank, scores, and simply lets you enjoy the game a little more.

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While free gaming apps are simply supported by advertising, freemium gaming apps are supported by in-app purchases in the game.

Freemium Model Of Gaming App

But why are freemium gaming apps so popular and profitable?

They are addictive
Free downloaded apps, or free to play games have more users and downloads in comparison to paid games. The concept behind the freemium model is to let players get a taste of the game, and most often than not they get addicted to it so they will be interested in buying some extras to turn the game more enjoyable.

They are the most profitable apps
Among all the business models, freemium gaming apps have been consistently the most profitable ones on multiple platforms.

The average price per customer tends to be high
While a paid app might be profitable, on the freemium apps, the average purchase is higher than the price the developers could charge for the game. And this is one of the most crucial aspects of the freemium model. While most players will not spend money on the app and will play the game for free, a few ones spend much more than the average price of the game, and that’s why most gaming studios decided to pursuit the freemium business model.

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How fun are some of the popular freemium gaming apps?

They have to be fun to play in order to be profitable for the developers. Try to play free social games on Google play or IOS. Most of them are great examples of a great freemium game that you can enjoy for a long time.

Some years ago players would have to buy expensive games to have some fun, but the gaming industry changed forever, partly due to the freemium gaming apps.

Players are used to playing good games for free and then only buy extras if they really want to. Even console games have been trying to add in-game purchases and to adapt to the freemium mobile apps, but currently the real freemium gaming experience remains reserved to the mobiles and online games.

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