Coolpad: A Revolutionary Smartphone with Standout Technology and Output

Budget smartphones deliver drab images, stop working quite often while running multiple apps and do not offer screen size big enough for a lucid user experience. Almost anyone of us knows these limitations of budget smartphones, right? Well, what about being introduced to a smartphone that comes in a truly affordable budget besides offering all the standout features that we normally see in pricey devices? Yes, thanks to the Coolpad it has now become possible for anyone of us to sport a smart a cool handheld device with the robust feature set and superior performance. Launched less than two months before, Coolpad has been the subject of sensational craze among the teens and young buyers. Coolpad has completed 1 year and between this duration coolpad launched so many smartphones such as a CoolPad Max, CoolPad Note 3, CoolPad Note 3 lite, CoolPad Note 3 Plus and recently CoolPad Mega 2.5D launched in August Month  Do you know it comes with high-resolution selfie camera that only a few high-end devices could offer till date? Well, there are a lot of surprises still to be unveiled as we introduce the phone here.

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Eye candy design

At first look itself, it is bound to take over your senses with sleek, crisp built with eye candy design. The screen takes most of the phone real estate at thefront and the sleek bezel around it gives it a stunning look. The phone is extremely lightweight with aweight of just 143 grams. Coolpad Mega 2.5D the latest version of the phone comes with a 5.5-inch HD display. While there is a plastic cover on the backside, the metal frames cover the device from all sides.Coolpad Note 3 lite smartphone comes with a 5 inch IPS HD display with 3GB Ram and 13MP rare and 5MP front camera.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite

Superior specs and cool features

Coolpad Note 3 offers power packed features and specs. Android 5.1 + CoolUI 6.0 runs the show in OS front while 1.3 Octa-Core CPU processor powers the phone. There is 3GB RAM for faster performance and an inbuilt 16GB memory that can further be expanded up to 64GB by using external micro SD card. The device also allows using dual SIMs.

CoolPad Note 3 Cheapest Smartphones

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Exceptional battery life

While most of the budget smartphones lack a robust battery life Coolpad Note 3 Plus stands out with 3000 mAh battery ensuring 10+ hours of unperturbed calling time and other uses. With moderate use, the battery can last for more than a day.

Coolpad Note 3 Plus

Made for capturing selfie

Taking a selfie in travel, occasions or in everyday life scenarios is one of the most popular actions for smartphone users across all ages. But to turn our selfies into amazing cool images often the cheaper smartphones comes as unequipped. But, thanks to Coolpad the worry for a high-resolution selfie is finally over. It is the first dedicated selfie specialist smartphone offering wider field view, higher pixel count, and aperture. In a budget smartphone, such robust selfie capability is really awesome.

Finally, it is pocket-friendly too!

If features, specs, and design together make a phone great, you need to pay a great price for it as well, right? Well, in the case of Coolpad Mega 2.5D, Note 3, Note 3 Plus & Note 3 lite To the delight of budget-minded customers, it starts from just Rs 6,999 – 8,999, a truly affordable price tag.

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