Best Video Games & Apps For Improving Kids Learning Skills

We often consider video games as the distraction that is worsening children’s academic success. What we fail to understand, though, is that our children are growing up in a world very much different than the one we grew up in, and that they should learn keep up with its pace, and we should support them. After all, we too have discovered this world through play, the only difference today is that children are developing intellectually, socially, and emotionally with the help of Internet and tech in general, while we have done it through board games, memory cards, etc. Of course, some video games are better than others, when it comes to improving learning skills. Here, we have chosen the best for your kids.

Big Brain Academy


The time of learning by heart is long gone, since now we know that what we find out that way can easily be forgotten once there is a need for learning new information. Opposed to that ancient method stands Big Brain Academy, which is producing permanent knowledge by challenging children’s brains with 5 different categories, aimed to improve skills of memorizing, identifying, thinking, computing and analyzing.

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Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster


If you would love for your children to get a modern insight into your growing up, introduce them into the world of the Sesame Street, where they will meet Elmo, Grover, Oscar and Cookie Monster and enjoy in an interactive storybook experience. Besides enhancing creativity, this game helps children show empathy and understand and respect differences. The best thing about it? Parents can join the fun too.



If you could ask for one teacher to guide your children through their education, who would that be? Our guess is Einstein. Here, you have the next best thing, an Einstein avatar which is giving the children challenges, examples, providing directions and help, and tracks their progress etc. Brainversity is enhancing children’s learning skills with 16 mental exercises covering analysis, math, memory and language.



Not just a single video game, but a whole planet of educational game with over 35 different islands representing different stories and challenges. On this website, children can learn with puzzles, arcade games, sports games, etc. The Time Tangled Island, for instance, gives them the task of putting the “misplaced” historical figures into their rightful period of time. This way kids can learn history in a fun and engaging way, and make that knowledge a permanent one.

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A traditional English book has spelling and grammar lessons on the left side and tasks with sentences to fix and write on the right one. This strictly textbook approach is difficult to apply to our kids who are used to learning quicker and who need more individualized approach. Scribblenauts, on the other side, makes children engaged and excited about learning grammar and spelling, by getting them to care about the characters and their relationships. Basically, the game is designed as a puzzle allowing the player to write the missing objects into the game. Each puzzle is different and requires a new solution, thus keeping the kids challenged and helping them improve through the gameplay.

Math Lines

math lines

This video game joins children in a loving relationship with their greatest enemy – mathematics. We all know how frustrating learning math can be, but Math Lines makes it more fun and even addictive. The principle of the game is similar to Zuma, with the difference that here the players need to add up to ten (instead of aiming for the same colors) to destroy the balls.

GameStar Mechanic

gamestar mechanic

Since we are already talking about the skills needed for the new generations, we cannot help but mention coding. Coding by itself is a skill that requires constant challenging of the brain to think logically, but also to get creative and think outside of the box in order to solve various problems. GameStar Mechanic teaches kids (ages between 7 and 14) the basics of coding in a fun and engaging way.

All of these games are designed in a way that will make the children’s brains flourish, in every area possible, and combined with proper education and nourishment, create foundation for a successful and fruitful future.

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