5 Best Personal Finance Apps For Android User

Personal finance management and budgeting can be really challenging for any layman having no idea where to begin with and what areas to focus on. Well, personal finance does not only imply managing your expenses and your savings but a lot of other things as well. So, you need an expert hand in the way of a money manager or an expense tracker, right? Well, there are plenty of good personal finance apps available on your mobile platform only. Many of these apps just take care of all your financial planning concerns and offer awesome performance as a budget tool. Let us introduce here 5 of the most effective personal finance apps available right now.

1. WealthPack

Edelweiss launched WealthPack apps which is one of the best expense manager apps for Android phones. WealthPack is a robust expense tracking and personal finance app that besides tracking your actual expenses can also provide a gross evaluation of your spending pattern. WealthPack is actually complete money management software that takes care of all your personal finance attributes, ranging from income, expenses, accounts to budget tracking to billing payments to investment. By offering you a detailed analysis of your expenses it helps to build strong financial habits in its users. It has a very intuitive interface with diverse categories for different types of expenses. Most important of all, it has an automated measuring and monitoring tool that makes your job easier while using this app. In the following ways WealthPack offers a unique solution.

  1. It provides complete view of any transaction and sends it through SMS.
  2. It covers a wide variety of financial institutions and banks including more than 50 banks and credit cards
  3. The app also categorizes any transaction and thus help you viewing expenses as per categories. For instance, when a bill paid in coffee shop the transaction is categorized under ‘Café’.
  4. All transactions can also be accessed through searching for appropriate ‘tags’. After coming from a trip in Dubai you can just search with the tag #Dubai and can access the total trip cost

One of the most important thing is if you don’t get ideas how to use this app than you can learn it from Youtube video as well.

WealthPack apps

2. Mint
It is one of the most popular personal finance apps to this date that delivers real-time, comprehensive and almost all-encompassing look into every aspect of your finances ranging from bank accounts to credit cards to daily expenses to student loans. It can automatically track all your expenses, put them into categories and provide alerts as you approach your budget limit. Moreover, it also provides custom savings tips as and when asked by the user. As for look and feel, all the intuitive data are shown in a simple graphic format allowing quick insights.

3. Personal Capital
Personal Capital shows details of your expenses, income and investment through easy-to-understand graphic charts allowing easy monitoring and evaluation of your personal finance. It works as a robust financial planner tool by tracking all your investments as per different accounts, security portfolio, and asset class. There is also a great analyzer tool and fee calculator for mutual funds to show the details of your portfolio and paid fees.

4. Pocket Expense
Pocket Expense works like a complete money manager tool by allowing multiple accounts management with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and overall statistics for each account. This expense tracker tool supports several budgets and always displays your income and spending through graphic charts. It allows setting an optimum expense limit and allows seeing the amount of money left before the budget limit is reached. Moreover, with it, you can easily track bills and fix alerts so that any of the bill payment does not cross due date.

5. PocketGuard
PocketGuard is basically an all-in-one budget tracker and personal finance app showing the total amount of money in your account and the reasonable amount you should spend a day until a specified time. The app offers robust security measure by connecting your cards and bank accounts through only encrypted, highly secure, read-only connection.

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