5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools Every Business Owner Should Use

Social media analytics is the new upcoming trend followed by business processes to analyze the blogs and content of websites in order to know the preferences of the customers. These benefit in making business decisions by knowing the preferences of the customers. This further leads to formulation of marketing strategies and service related activities in business organizations. Every data collected by this way is beneficial some way or other. It needs correct assessment of the data gathered.

Since most of the data gathered online helps some or other way, it benefits us to make the most of it. Common uses that businesses undertake are to generate valuable product or service feedback from the maximum population outreach they are able to gather online. However, of late, this data has proven beneficial beyond thought to generate the good revenue, mark online king size presence of ones business among others. In the growing market competition, people look towards buying products or services of those companies that offer better after sales services. As more and more people are going digital, they tend to be more verbal about their views of the services the company availed towards them. Since, social media is a vast platform that allows people to express views which reaches across continents.

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5 social Media Monitoring Tools
One relevant term for evaluation of business goals is the formulation of KPIs. KPIs are key performance indicators of a business. Each one on the list when fulfilled gives a view about those areas whose performance has been improved, and throws light upon those that need improvement. For example, the number of likes, comments can give an analytical idea of the reach of a particular business page on Facebook. Number of tweets and re-tweets would give an idea about the popularity or the number of people who admire or dislike the services or products can also be calculated.

5 best social media analytic tools

To suit the need of this purpose, numbers of tools are available for analysis of the unstructured data available in a huge amount on social media platforms. Social media analytics tools also help for brand development


Buffer is one of those tools who are quickly gaining pace in the market. Businesses now look forward to getting more and more shared posts across social media phases. It is through this tool that a single post can be shared across social platforms to gather maximum reach just in one click. Businesses using Buffer Tool be like “hey, we were just a thousand likes, and we are now at 1.6 million today; because of Buffer”


This tool targets social growth through twitter analytics. One can analyze the number of followers, location and tweeting trend amongst them. Niche Influencers can be found. Flaunt your social graph to compare it with others and gather new connections

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This tool specifically brings together all the social media accounts under one roof, irrespective of how many you have under each social account. You can all add them here, and get reports of social performance udner one roof. It is through SUMALL that you can cross compare your social performance under one head of SUMALL.


Klout is a social media analyzing website and app. It brings in all social media platforms like Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, and based on that idea it gives a Klout Score ranging in 1 to 100, except for LinkedIn Business Pages. It then analyzes the competitors and users response to that content. It even has a tie-up with Microsoft and Bing to access the algorithms of the latter.


Keyhole’s main intent is the display of an analytical dashboard that provides its users a portray of data in terms of their social performance. It tracks the most influential people through your keywords and reaches out to them to promote content to increase the brands scope.


Due to increasing online business motives, businessmen and owners around the globe are using social analytical tools to highlight their social media presence with the help of the data that these tools fetch for them. Hence, one should definitely go for organic SEO marketing methods to gain access of where their business is going, through the reports and graphs they get. They can also go for genuine digital marketing options and compare their performance with their competitors using tools mentioned above.

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