Top 8 Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid

If you are in the market, you will surely know the importance of Social media marketing. Social media is the best marketing tool to promote your website. If you utilize social media in a proper way, it will bring traffic to your website, more and more people will get connected to you, they will like and share your post. The same can turn down costing your goodwill and customer if you are not utilizing social media in the right way.

The list of social media platform is not small. People don’t just stay connected with only one social media platform, they have multi account on different social media profiles likes Facebook, G+, whatsapp, twitter and much more.

Let’s now discuss the top 8 social media mistake that you should avoid in order to not only lose consumer trust but also traffic to your website.

1. Not having predefined social media policy

For everything there are predefined privacy policy that everyone should read before moving ahead. Same follow with social media, the website should provide guidelines and policies to the person who will handle your website social media accounts. He/she should know that online social presence in social media is like handing ticking time bomb.

The user sees what is shared on the social media and not the exact face of the people which is handling the account. Thus, it is very important to represent our website social media as you are representing yourself, both during work hours and after.

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2. Moving Too Quickly Without Plans

Some online reviews website thinks that the day they created their account will be liked and followed by the consumer. For this they move quickly, following fake ways to increase the number of likes and followers. However, this game in not about the quantity it’s about quality. If you have fake follower and they did not like your post and buy anything from your website, then what’s the use of those followers. You need to be slow and go with a plan to promote your website among consumers. You need to fix what type of consumer you need and what your website is all about.

3. Thinking all social media platforms are the same

No tow person are exactly same in all aspects. This same follows for social-media, each social-media platform has its own language, rules, customs and followers. So before you start posting, you need to understand how people communicate, share, like on that particular social-media platform.

Many makes mistake by posting the exact message across every social-media platform. They don’t realize that this makes consumer think that you are fake, impersonal and doing spam. So take time to understand these platform and handle your website social media profile like you handle your personal accounts.

You need to also understand that men and women social media use is different. You need also plan your sharing content as per you consumer gender.

4. Not adding basic information in your social-media profile

It creates a bad impression, if you don’t add a bio and other basic details about your website in your social media profile. This is the first thing that a consumer wants to read about you. So include what your website is all about, location, website URL, photos, etc. All these real information makes them to follow you.


5. Want a quantity of follower, not quality

Some website just wants to show number of followers or likes they have. For this they just buy followers through various other platforms. However, you should keep this in mind that likes or followers don’t equal sales or generate a sale.

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6. Posting inappropriate content

Many times you just post your content and don’t consider what your consumer wants. This can lead to ‘unlike’ and ‘unfollow’ if you are doing it on a regular basis. The same applies when you over post any content over and over again. The solution to this is to find out when your followers are mostly online and then only share your content to achieve maximum conversion or engagement ratio.

7. Newsjacking

This term is not used by many, but followed by many, if they just want to gain traffic without thinking of the result it will have. Newsjacking is a term that means sharing your content beneath recent trending news or event. If that event is related to your website, it will generate traffic, but what if the news or event is not related to your website and you are boosting your website by making use of that news. This type of attempts does not generate traffic, but can even lead to unlike or unfollow. So use your mind when to use any news to boost your website.

8. Deleting or ignoring the comments

Many times websites delete negative comments from their post, thinking no one knew about this, however it makes the matter worse. The best way to handle negative comments is to apologize or contact the user to solve the problem. This makes consumer think that you are real and are listening to them. You also need to respond to your consumer query, as soon as possible. Consumer need answer in just a few minutes if they are online and commenting below your post.


The objective of this article was to explain the top 8 social-media marketing mistake that website should avoid. Even if you have followed any of these practices, you should stop it and move ahead with proper planning and following good social-media practice.

Author Bio:

Ruquiya Ansari holds a Master’s degree in Information technology. She is awarded a gold medal for being the topper in B.Sc(IT). She is working with a software company as a SEO specialist. In her free time, she enjoys writing articles on Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Business Technology. In her personal opinion, she believes in hard work and practice.

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