Real Power Of Spy Apps For Monitoring Your Child, Spouse or Employee

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On my earlier post we have discuss about how to use whatsapp spy apps on android and iphone. Now today i want to discuss about similar topic about spying apps

Spy apps are those apps which are used by people to keep an eye on their families and loved ones to ensure their protection. The apps are used to monitor the activities of children in particular with regard to their activities on the internet. Doing so can ensure the parent of the child to have peace of mind and to be aware of all times as to what their child is up to.

Spying conducted by the NSA on the other hand is claimed by government organizations to be conducted for the purpose of monitoring and to keep a control on the rates of crime. While this may be true, their method of doing so isn’t seemed appropriate as they are a breach of people’s privacy and do not allow individuals to feel safe in their private lives.

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Spying takes place through the NSA and through various spy apps too but what makes spying conducted by both different?

  • What kind of spying does each party conduct?

The purpose behind spying by making use of spy apps is to keep loved ones safe and keep tabs on employees to make sure there is peace of mind

Spying by the NSA is claimed to be for the purpose of monitoring however it tends to break the privacy of every individual

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  • How are the two methods of spying different?

NSA spying does not allow individuals to feel safe in their own private lives as the kind of information collected breaches privacy and the data is kept for 5 years

Spy apps on the other hand are used to simply monitor children’s activities on the internet or to keep an eye on employees so that the safety and security of loved ones and the business is maintained.

  •  Which of the two is better?

While each conducts spying in its own manner, the spy apps are considered to be a safer and more secure way of gathering information

There are startling differences between the spying conducted by both and while NSA claims to be safeguarding the citizens of the country, it is actually the spy apps which help keep people more secure.

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