5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand Image On Social Media

Digital marketing has provided a privilege to organizations to engage with their customers directly, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Building your brand image is not about selling/promoting your products online, it’s about making customers happy through better service. In the social media-rich world, these social channels have become critical components of brand building.

Brand and Social Media

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There are ‘5 Ls’ in the customer emotional journey. To make a potential customer your brand advocate, an organization needs to follow the 5 Ls journey. Social media platforms help companies to take customers from ‘Lack of awareness’ to ‘Learn more about your brand,’ then ‘Like it’, ‘Love it,’ and finally, become your Loyal customer. For companies that don’t take their social media marketing seriously, consumer-to-consumer word of mouth on social channels generates more than 2X the sales of your paid advertising. Social media holds enormous opportunities to create lasting, strong brand images, but you need to incorporate these 5 essentials in your social media marketing strategy:

Choosing the platform that suits your brand

There are many social media networks out there, but choose only those that support your brand. Limit yourself to using 3-4 social channels because it’s better to have 4 channels with strong presence than to have 10 platforms with weak foothold. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter are best networks to start with. When your business will built greater customer base at these social platforms, then promote your business-related content on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

 social media marketing stratgey

Brand storytelling with relevant content

Consumers don’t want ads and so always skip ads whenever there is an option to filter them out. Engaging content on social media increases the chances of converting viewers into customers. Visual storytelling is another way to create noteworthy social content. Twitter provides its followers a collage feature. Make a collage of a step-by-step process to put your story in front of your customers.

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Unlock brand success with gamification!

The basic logic behind using gamification on social media networks includes rewards and recognition. Gamification is a great tool to turn your loyal customers into brand advocates. There are many applications and platforms that help in making game-playing social. The sports brand, Nike has created the Nike+ community on Facebook, where Nike fans can challenge each other to improve training performance and track activities using the Nike+ app. This gamification idea of Nike has helped it to increase fan base and build a stronger brand image.


Image tagging

The power of ranking system of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. cannot be denied, especially in the competitive business world. Tagging helps to boost the search ranking of the images posted on your business social media profile. Using tagging, you can mark an image by its location, follow popular hashtags, or tag an item in a photo. Image tagging is the best way to improve your social media reach.

Image Tagging

Leverage the social media feedback loop

Ask your business customers for feedback, and provide them links to all of your social channels. This makes your followers to feel that you value them and is really interested in hearing from them.

Finding out what works best depends on your customer service, your product quality, and your company’s ability to engage effectively with consumers. These social media marketing techniques will help your business to increase brand recognition.

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