5 Gadgets For The Enormously Lazy People

Gadgets market is bombarded with the latest gizmos every now and then. The introduction of many gadgets pertaining to a host of needs in this fast paced era has definitely made lives easier. While in this day and age when almost everyone is huffing and puffing; there are also a few people who like to take little steps at a time and even some brilliant short cuts to get their work done. Yes! I am talking about the lazy bones! When every chef, teacher, student, fitness freak is taking full advantage of gadgets to make their life easier why should the lazy people be behind.

gadgets for lazy people

Here is a list of 5 popular gadgets every lazy person should own in his/her life:

  • Self-stirring mug

Do you know that for lazy personsa well-spent Sunday is an endless love affair with their bed, laptop and a strong wi-fi connection? Add to it a delicious cup of hot coffee! Now the only thing distancing them from having this luxury in their life is their ability to make coffee for themselves. Say good-bye to this difficult situation now with a self-stirring mug which guarantees to prepare a coffee for you in no time. All you need to do is put the required ingredients in it, switch it on and it will start stirring on its own giving you a frothy cup of coffee. You can even prepare other drinks in it. This magical cup can be bought online at discounted rates by using Shopclues coupons present on CashKaro which will also give you the bonus of cash back.

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Self-stirring mug

  • Flying alarm clock

Getting up early on morning and not rushing for office out of home is something that most people struggle with every day. So imagine the plight of the lazy people who have to get up at 6 in order to reach their work place or educational institute at time! Well, take no more worries as flying alarm clock is here to rescue you! You know how each night before going to sleep you set a dozen of alarms in your phone hoping you will wake up atleast by the last one. With flying alarm clock, you can now reduce your efforts. When it rings, it even flies in your room. This means you will have to get up from your bed and catch it! Haha! Wicked cool! Right?

Flying Alarm Clock

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  • Wireless key finder

While women are famous for carrying their world in their bags in the form of makeup, men are also famous for the same thing. The differences being their gizmos take up all the space in their bag. And when they reach home and comes the turn for unlocking the lock, they keep on searching through their bags to find the keys which obviously they hate to. Say hello to Wireless key finder which is sure to make your life effortless! A wireless key finder set is your solution to finding keys easily.

Wireless Key Finder

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  • Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner is the answer to your prayers of having clean floors without investing in much time. The machine uses the revolutionary AeroForce Performance Cleaning System to wipe your floors cent percent clean. With it, you need not spend your energy and valuable time everyday cleaning the dirt which sticks to your floor daily. Get it and make dirty floors a thing of the past. However it is not exactly the thing you want if you like sparkling floors. Invest your money in other vacuum cleaner options which require extra efforts but the efforts make up for the performance. Buy from a large variety online by using Flipkart coupons available on CashKaro to get heavenly deals and cash back.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Clap on Clap off light

Clap on Clap off lightImage Courtesy

It’s time to bring your magic wand to action and say “Lumos!” Errrr..well, not exactly! But this brilliant gadget will get your closer to it. What you need to do here is clap alternatively to turn on or turn off the light. No need to get up from where you are sitting or laying to do that.Some versions even have voice functions wherein you can set voice commands to control.

Go, get them and flaunt your laziness in style! Let us know you feedback via comments 


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