5 Best Facebook Applications Everyone Should Love

Facebook is among one of the most liked and used social media platforms. Every individual user, use it as to show different kinds of emotion on it. Many use it for personal purposes while many for business and while some for other uses.

So today I am going to share Best Facebook Applications everyone should Love which includes apps for business as well as apps which an individual can use.

Facebook Apps.

So   Here the list of Best Facebook Apps:-

1.    SocialPilot
Social Pilot is one of the amazing apps which business persons, as well as individuals, can also use to schedule their posts on Facebook and other social platforms as well. The app is available with both free and paid services. With Paid services it becomes easy to leverage all the benefits of the app, and same it is in the case of SocialPilot. With Paid one you can create posts, schedule them, add groups and manage them, along with that can also add RSS feeds and manage and schedule them, can add team members as well.

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2.    Facebook Ads Manager
For all of us, it is not always possible that we’re sitting in front of a computer for 24 hours, and that’s where the mobile apps prove to be handy. Facebook Ads Manager is also among one of those handy apps which let you manage your Facebook Apps efficiently at your fingertips. You can perform all the operations also in the app for ad management which you usually do on PCs. For instance, can edit ads which include – changing of images of ads, fix typos, can also edit your selected audience and also can amend your budget and schedule. Along with that can get timely notifications related to your ad management.

3.    MyVideoDownloader for Facebook
We all have heard about downloading of videos from YouTube with a list of many apps for it. But not from the Facebook, so here is the one of the latest and unique app of its kind which allows downloading of Videos from Facebook. You can download all kind of videos of HD quality with this app. For Instance – The videos which some has shared on Facebook or the video liked you, shared by your friends or video of any group of Facebook Page.

4.    Facebook Pages Manager
With the Facebook Pages Manager app, you can effectively manage your Facebook pages. Likewise, the desktop, you can manage multiple Facebook Pages of your business effectively with this Facebook Pages Manager App. You can comment on posts, can view, insights of your page, send replies to private messages of your page, get push notifications of activities on your pages and so on.

5.    Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups one of the best way to see all of your groups at one place. With Facebook Groups app you can easily manage your all Facebook groups under the same roof. You can create new groups as well. It is one of the best apps for all kind of users whether they are family members, organizations, schools & work groups, etc.

6.    Seen: Video calls for Facebook
Want to stay on make video calls on Facebook? If you are also looking for this then the Seen: Video Calls for Facebook App is the best choice to go for. This app allows video calling to you over 3G and Wi-Fi networks, and the best thing is that it doesn’t cost anything from you. You should have an internet connection with good speed to make the video calls from it. It is one of the best Facebook Applications from both individual and business perspective.

7.    Stickered for Messenger
Stickered for Messenger is one of the best Apps for Facebook. With the help of this app, you can make your photos from galleries stickered and can also make the photos stickered with its stickers before or just after you clicked. Make humorous photos to send and share with your friends to create a sense of amusement with this Stickered for Messenger app.

8.    Black Theme for Facebook
Black Color attracts most of us, and if you are also a black color lover, then Black Theme for Facebook is the app which can make use of. Black Theme for Facebook provides a black background for all the pages of Facebook with 3D Black Buttons. And it is available for both Smartphone and tablet users.

Hope this post will help you to introduce many new and best apps for Facebook. So please share your views and comments below in comment box.

Author Bio:-
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