4 Things About Social Media Secret Your Boss Wants to Know

Many businesses, from web design companies to law firms,all shapes and sizes,will need to build a brand to make a name for themselves in their respective markets. When making a brand you’re focusing on portraying your product and services in a positive and appealing light, so that on lookers will be drawn to your business. Think of your brand as your image. Social networking is a great way of broadcasting and popularising your image. Social media allows you to connect with your target group, and share information with like minded companies and acquaintances.

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In order to use social media successfully and to your advantage, you need to place in order a content strategy. For first time businesses and people that are not too aware of what social networking sites are better for what use, social media can be a bit daunting. It’s very different to your personal experiences with using social networking, such as posting a photo from a night out on Facebook, or tweeting about how much you just love cheese and pickle sandwiches. You need to be fully aware of your target audience, and your product and services. Depending on your business, it will vary on what social networking sites you will use. Have a read of our key tactics to keep in mind when using the power of social networking to benefit your business.

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Be Sociable

The clue is in the name;social networking. Social media is all about connecting and sharing with others. You may well be sending out a tweet every day, but are you saying the right thing and inviting people for discussion? Try inviting your followers to leave their opinion on something. To use social networking successfully you want to draw attention to your post and engage people in it. To do so your post must be appealing and interesting. You also need to follow others and support other like minded businesses to help improve your image, and create awareness of your brand. The social element is a very important aspect of social media, and needs to be executed properly in order to be successful. The social side can sometimes be ignored by a business and this is a major flaw. When carrying out a social media campaign or strategy you must interact with the people in your network, and showcase your personality as a brand and a business.


Many new to the social media game will discard blogging as pointless and not useful. Oh, how they’re wrong! Blogging is an extremely useful and powerful tool as it is a great way of interacting and engaging your target market. By having a blog you can build your credibility among your readers and create something that will keep them coming back for more. You will encourage people to follow you as they will be able to relate to the blogs and enjoy engaging in them as they will gain knowledge and find them useful. If you feel your company can offer tips and tricks, and interesting views, then starting your own blog will be a vital addition to a successful relationship with social media. You can create your own blog or simply join as a guest writer to any competent blog. Transfer your expertise in to a creative blog post and watch your brand improve in the market through the power of blogging.

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Resource for Information

By using social media sites it gives you access to information on current trends within the market. It is vital tool in keeping you up to date with what’s hot and what’s not. You can find out your followers’ opinions by carrying out a survey to unlock their views on your latest product or services. The beauty about social networking is that it invites others to express their personal opinions, meaning there is a lot that can be gained for a business by using it for market research purposes. You can build up a clearer picture of what you’re target audience is after, giving you a better understanding of their needs and desires. This all impacts on building your brand image amongst your followers, and also make you more of a success as a business or organization.

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Promoting News & Offers

The beauty of social media is that after a few simple clicks you can inform your followers of news and upcoming offers. You can connect with your audience over the social media platforms by sharing your brands achievements. You may wish to publicise and promote a milestone of your brand, or may have a brilliant product review that you wish to share to allure new followers? You want to spread any positive news or achievements that you have with your audience to build up a rapport with your followers, but also to just boast about your good gossip!

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